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Update Glade support + fix bugs encountered along the way

Alexander Mikhaylenko requested to merge exalm/libhandy:wip/exalm/glade into master
  • List HdyAvatar
  • List HdyKeypad
  • List HdyViewSwitcherTitle
    • There are some breaking bugs, but that's preexisting problems from HdyViewSwitcher Nevermind, it actually works :p
  • List HdyDeck
    • Can't add children to it properly, but that's a preexisting problem with leaflet
  • List HdyWindowHandle
  • List HdyWindow
    • This one required some glue code to be able to add children properly...
    • ...and a dtd update
    • Noticed and fixed a bug with show_all()
    • Noticed that we allowed to add >1 children. Fixed
    • Noticed that we included the HdyNothing into foreach(). Fixed
    • This triggered #244 (closed) badly, fixed
  • List HdyApplicationWindow, see HdyWindow
  • Re-sort HdyCarousel, it wasn't moved during the rename
Edited by Alexander Mikhaylenko

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