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irqchip: irq-imx-gpcv2: better support newer mainline kernels and fix system suspend

This brings our "cpu-sleep" cpu sleep-state workaround code more up-to-date as it uses the latest APIs. Also, it prints an error now in case ATF doesn't support it.

On top of the above, this inclues patches from linux-imx that fix system suspend (and possibly fixes things like )

this is one of the few patchsets that is not immediately applicable to upstream. The root-cause for why we need this is a hardware bug of the imx8mq soc and we'd have to resume a discussion about whether a mainline kernel wants to add a quite hacky workaround to a clear hardware bug. for now it's downstream, but I'll keep having it on my list and my eyes open.

We can happily include this independently of using suspend. It's an important update.

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