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builddeb: Uncompress the kernel

This allows our uboot to boot the kernel directly and we avoid having flash-kernel uncompressing it. While this might look like a waste of space it isn't since this makes us save

  • vmlinuz (uncompressed)
  • vmlinuz.bak (uncompressed)
  • initrd.img
  • initrd.img.bak

in /boot. It also avoids the uncompress itself which is more susceptible to inconsistent state.

This makes us align more with Debian and once uboot allows to boot compressed kernels we can just drop this patch without further changes needed in e.g. flash-kernel.

The safest update way would be to make our kernel package just depend on a fixed flash-kernel so that we're sure it gets pulled in and runs on upgrade. We could consider bumping the API (5.16.0-1) to be sure the kernel matches the modules.

Needs flash-kernel!25 (merged)

Signed-off-by: Guido Günther

Edited by Guido Gunther

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