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MLK-24491: drm: bridge: cdns: Add support of i2c-over-aux

Port the i2c over aux feature from 4.19.35 to the 5.4.x and later kernel. Add the the i2c read/write functions. The i2c features in the FW have been introduced in version 1.0.62.

Signed-off-by: Julien Jayat Signed-off-by: Oliver Brown Reviewed-by: Sandor Yu

Taken from linux-nxp tree. Tested with ddcutil, which thanks to this patch is able to detect my external monitor and control its brightness, contrast etc.

purism@evergreen:~$ sudo ddcutil detect
Display 1
   I2C bus:             /dev/i2c-4
   EDID synopsis:
      Mfg id:           MSI
      Model:            MSI MAG161V
      Serial number:    AA1H039010001
      Manufacture year: 2019
      EDID version:     1.4
   VCP version:         2.2

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