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s5k3l6xx: use power_on/off timings similar to s5k6a3

On one, but not all Evergreen device I see power_on() failing, resulting in

[    8.132813] s5k3l6xx 3-002d: using default 24000000 Hz clock frequency
[    8.132837] s5k3l6xx 3-002d: GPIO lookup for consumer rstn
[    8.132843] s5k3l6xx 3-002d: using device tree for GPIO lookup
[    8.132931] s5k3l6xx 3-002d: probe i2c ffff0000010e4800
[    8.200983] s5k3l6xx: i2c_read: error during transfer (-6)

Using a different power_on() sequence inspired by other Samsung sensor drivers like s5k6a3, makes things work for my devices.

Edited by Martin Kepplinger

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