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switch to v6.2-based kernels: Document changes and release 6.2.10pureos2 into byzantium

I like to suggest doing the switch to v6.2-based kernels now and not release any v6.1-based kernels anymore.

v6.2-based kernels have received lots of stable-updates already and the timing feels right: our MRs a relatively "calm" right now.

Also, pureos/byzantium HEAD is tagged and thus ready to be replaced by v6.2-based kernels after this.

@angus.ainslie you mentioned v6.2 looks good iirc. I guess @sebastian.krzyszkowiak and others are using it too.

And just be clear: The plan is to use v6.2-based kernels longer than supported upstream even. As long as we have the clear upgrade-path to v6.3 we accept a short "gap" in stable-updates. (this was not the case now, only by accident, because v6.1 is an LTS-kernel).

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