phoc 0.1.1

[ Dorota Czaplejewicz ]

  • text_input: Add asserts guarding focus state
  • Clear pending surface before setting it to a new value
  • text_input: Eliminate excessive messages
  • layer shell: Adjust position of osk depending on presence of the prompter

[ Guido Günther ]

  • gitlab-ci: Disable the deb build for the moment
  • build: Delay config file creation
  • build: print detected wlroots version
  • desktop: Include config.h early
  • Use old gamma control protocol if available
  • debian: Allow to build against 0.7.0
  • switch: Drop switch handling
  • keyboard: Reformat keyboard_execute_binding
  • Add PhocKeybindings
  • Use PhocKeybindings
  • Drop old bindings related code
  • gitlab-ci: De-duplicate build logic
  • gitlab-ci: Specify the docker image to use
  • gitlab-ci: Build against Debian Bullseye as well
  • keybindings: bind toggle-maximized too
  • view_arrange_maximized: Drop unused variable
  • keybindings: Pass settings to add_keybindings
  • view: Drop view_cycle_alpha
  • gitlab-ci: Allow alpine linux build to fail but not break ci
  • Include config.h first in all .c files
  • render: Use PHOC_XWAYLAND instead of WLR_HAS_XWAYLAND
  • outpout: Use PHOC_XWAYLAND instead of WLR_HAS_XWAYLAND
  • Update wlroots submodule
  • server: Drop redundant 'extern struct'
  • server: Turn into a GObject
  • Use the PhocServer singleton
  • server: Move server init/deinit into constructor/dispose
  • keybindings: Fix missing chain-up in constructed()
  • debian: Add gbp.conf

[ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]

  • layer_surface_at: Fix the order of surface processing to match rendering
  • seat: Call roots_input_method_relay_set_focus for layer-surfaces
  • layer-shell: Elevate layer of OSK when same or higher layer is focused
  • meson: Don't add wlroots as subproject when embed-wlroots is disabled
  • xdg-shells: Block interactive resize when in auto-maximizing mode
  • layer-shell: Update focus order in arrange_layers
  • phosh: Fix rejection of multiple clients binding to phosh private protocol
  • seat: Handle unfocusing layer-surface with no other focusable view
  • layer-shell: Handle subsurfaces and nested popups
  • desktop_surface_at: Set a "view" argument in case of fullscreen surface
  • Clean up desktop_surface_at calls

[ Simon Ser ]

  • Remove orbital screenshooter
  • layer-shell: Don't give focus to unmapped layer surfaces

[ Aleksis ]

  • layer-shell: Remove unused "configured" variable

[ Bart Ribbers ]

  • gitlab-ci: Build and unit test for Alpine Linux edge as well