phosh v0.1.6

phosh (0.1.6) amber; urgency=medium

[ Julian Sparber ]

  • Lockscreen: replace HdyDialer with HdyKeypad. The new Keypad uses a GtkEntry to store the entered pin/password.
  • Lockscreen: use GcrSecureEntryBuffer for the pin entry.
  • BatteryInfo: drop private data for gobject. Since the BatteryInfo is a final it can't be subclassed, therefore it doesn't need private data.

[ Guido Günther ]

  • background: Plug leak
  • home: Plug leak
  • topevel: Avoid NULL check
  • toplevel: Don't leak app_id and title
  • toplevel: Guard handle from being destroyed multiple times
  • wwaninfo: Seperate access tec and signal srength (Closes: #118)
  • top-panel: Adjust label margins. Use the same margins as for other text in the top panel.
  • top-panel: Use only right margins.

[ Darren R ]

  • lockscreen: Use show_symbols False

-- Guido Günther Fri, 27 Dec 2019 23:05:07 +0100