phosh v0.4.0

phosh (0.4.0) amber-phone; urgency=high

[ Guido Günther ]

  • feedbackinfo: Add translation note. Link to feedbackd's theme description to help translators
  • media-player: Don't act on every name change. We were looking at all vanished DBus names instead of only players. This lead to a slight flicker of the widget e.g. on audio events or notifications (which was especially noticeable on the lock screen).
  • PhoshLayerSurface: Add missing sentinel
  • Add small testlib allowing for wayland based tests using phosh-wayland and spawning a phoc instance. Add two initial tests using that.
  • monitor: Properly invaliate wl_output_done. On wl_output configuration changes invalidate the done flag so another configured signal is emitted once all changes are processed. So far we only handled the initial configure.
  • phosh-wayland: Clarify ownership of phosh_wayland_get_wl_outputs
  • shell: Do nothing when primary monitor does not change
  • shell: Don't clear faders when we dispose the panels
  • status-icon: Drop show-always (Closes: #312)
  • Add WWAN quicksetting
  • gitlab-ci: be more robust when using xvfb
  • background-manager: Avoid recreating backgrounds too often Only do so initially and let PhoshBackground adjust to configuration changes notified by PhoshBackground intead.
  • background: Skip image loading when using colored mode. There's no need to even try to load an image if we're not using it later on.
  • tests: Add a simple background test.
  • d/rules: Depend on phoc >= 0.4.0. While we can run with older versions this makes sure people pull in a recent enough version for all the feaures.

[ Daniel Șerbănescu ]

  • po: Update Romanian Translation

[ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]

  • PhoshHome: Use PhoshLayerSurface signals and props to handle resizing. This fixes the issue with disappearing bottom bar when output dimensions change and it actually more in line with what we wanted to achieve there.
  • PhoshWayland: Don't require phosh_private interface in latest version. We can still deal with earlier ones.
  • Render window thumbnails in the overview
  • wwaninfo: Use network-cellular-disabled-symbolic when no hw is present
  • background: Stop listening to rotation PhoshMonitor now signals rotation correctly

[ marty1885 ]

  • monitor: prevent sending multiple event in one monitor configuration change
  • background: recreate background on monitor geometry change

[ Julian Sparber ]

  • wifimanager: Use disabled icon for unknown states.
  • Add Wifi quicksetting

-- Guido Günther Tue, 30 Jun 2020 14:14:27 +0200