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    * Patches by David Mller, 31 Jan 2003: · 1cb8e980
    wdenk authored
      - minimal setup for CardBus bridges
      - add EEPROM read/write support in the CS8900 driver
      - add support for the builtin I2C controller in the Samsung s3c24x0 chips
      - add support for  MPL's VCMA9 (Samsung s3c2410 based) board
    * Patch by Steven Scholz, 04 Feb 2003:
      add support for RTC DS1307
    * Patch by Reinhard Meyer, 5 Feb 2003:
      fix PLPRCR/SCCR init sequence on 8xx to allow for
      changes of EBDF by software
    * Patch by Vladimir Gurevich, 07 Feb 2003:
      "API-compatibility patch" for 4xx I2C driver