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    mpc8323erdb: Improve the system performance · 5bbeea86
    Michael Barkowski authored
    The following changes are based on kernel UCC ethernet performance:
    1.  Make the CSB bus pipeline depth as 4, and enable the repeat mode
    2.  Optimize transactions between QE and CSB.  Added CFG_SPCR_OPT
        switch to enable this setting.
    The following changes are based on the App Note AN3369 and
    verified to improve memory latency using LMbench:
    3.  CS0_CONFIG[AP_n_EN] is changed from 1 to 0
    4.  CS0_CONFIG[ODT_WR_CONFIG] set to 1.  Was a reserved setting
    5.  TIMING_CFG_1[WRREC] is changed from 3clks to 2clks  (based on
        Twr=15ns, and this was already the setting in DDR_MODE)
    6.  TIMING_CFG_1[PRETOACT] is changed from 3clks to 2clks. (based on
    7.  TIMING_CFG_1[ACTTOPRE] is changed from 9clks to 6clks. (based on
    8.  TIMING_CFG_1[ACTTORW] is changed from 3clks to 2clks. (based on
    9.  TIMING_CFG_1[REFREC] changed from 21 clks to 11clks.  (based on
    10. TIMING_CFG_2[FOUR_ACT] is changed from 10 clks to 7clks.  (based
        on Tfaw=50ns)
    11. TIMING_CFG_2[ADD_LAT] and DDR_MODE[AL] changed from 0 to 1 (based
        on CL=3 and WL=2).
    Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Barkowski <michael.barkowski@freescale.com>
    Acked-by: default avatarKim Phillips <kim.phillips@freescale.com>
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