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    Patches by Murray Jensen, 17 Jun 2003: · 6dd652fa
    wdenk authored
    - Hymod board database mods: add "who" field and new xilinx chip types
    - provide new "init_cmd_timeout()" function so code external to
      "common/main.c" can use the "reset_cmd_timeout()" function before
      entering the main loop
    - add DTT support for adm1021 (new file dtt/adm1021.c; config
      slightly different. see include/configs/hymod.h for an example
      (requires CONFIG_DTT_ADM1021, CONFIG_DTT_SENSORS, and
      CFG_DTT_ADM1021 defined)
    - add new "eeprom_probe()" function which has similar args and
      behaves in a similar way to "eeprom_read()" etc.
    - add 8260 FCC ethernet loopback code (new "eth_loopback_test()"
      function which is enabled by defining CONFIG_ETHER_LOOPBACK_TEST)
    - gdbtools copyright update
    - ensure that set_msr() executes the "sync" and "isync" instructions
      after the "mtmsr" instruction in cpu/mpc8260/interrupts.c
    - 8260 I/O ports fix: Open Drain should be set last when configuring
    - add SIU IRQ defines for 8260
    - allow LDSCRIPT override and OBJCFLAGS initialization: change to
      config.mk to allow board configurations to override the GNU
      linker script, selected via the LDSCRIPT, make variable, and to
      give an initial value to the OBJCFLAGS make variable
    - 8260 i2c enhancement:
      o correctly extends the timeout depending on the size of all
        queued messages for both transmit and receive
      o will not continue with receive if transmit times out
      o ensures that the error callback is done for all queued tx
        and rx messages
      o correctly detects both tx and rx timeouts, only delivers one to
        the callback, and does not overwrite an earlier error
      o logic in i2c_probe now correct
    - add "vprintf()" function so that "panic()" function can be
      technically correct
    - many Hymod board changes
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