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    ppc4xx: Add Canyonlands NAND booting support · 71665ebf
    Stefan Roese authored
    460EX doesn't support a fixed bootstrap option to boot from 512 byte page
    NAND devices. The only bootstrap option for NAND booting is option F for
    2k page devices. So to boot from a 512 bype page device, the I2C bootstrap
    EEPROM needs to be programmed accordingly.
    This patch adds basic NAND booting support for the AMCC Canyonlands aval
    board and also adds support to the "bootstrap" command, to enable NAND
    booting I2C setting.
    Tested with 512 byte page NAND device (32MByte) on Canyonlands.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarStefan Roese <>