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    Fix support for PS/2 keyboard on TQM85xx boards · bd3143f0
    Wolfgang Denk authored
    The PS/2 keyobard driver for the TQM85xx modules only supports the
    internal DUART of the MPC85xx CPU. Since the MPC8560 doesn't
    include a DUART, the TQM8560 modules can't be used with the PS/2
    keyboard controller on the STK85xx board.
    The PS/2 keyboard driver should work with the modules TQM8540,
    TQM8541 and TQM8555, but it only has been tested on a TQM8540, yet.
    Make sure the PS/2 controller on the STK85xx is programmed. Jumper
    settings: X66 1-2, 9-10; X61 2-3
    Patch by Martin Krause, 21 Jun 2006
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