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    Patches by Pantelis Antoniou, 16 Apr 2004: · c26e454d
    wdenk authored
    - add support for a new version of an Intracom board and fix
      various other things on others.
    - add verify support to the crc32 command (define
      CONFIG_CRC32_VERIFY to enable it)
    - fix FEC driver for MPC8xx systems:
      1. fix compilation problems for boards that use dynamic
         allocation of DPRAM
      2. shut down FEC after network transfers
    - HUSH parser fixes:
      1. A new test command was added. This is a simplified version of
         the one in the bourne shell.
      2. A new exit command was added which terminates the current
         executing script.
      3. Fixed handing of $? (exit code of last executed command)
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