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    omap3: overo: Select fdtfile for expansion board · 12cc5437
    Ash Charles authored
    The u-boot Overo board actually supports both Overo (OMAP35xx)
    and Overo Storm (AM/DM37xx) COMs with a range of different expansion
    boards.  This provides a mechanism to select the an appropriate device
    tree file based on the processor version and, if available, the
    expansion board ID written on the expansion board EEPROM. To match the
    3.15+ kernels, fdtfile names have this format:
     "omap3-overo[-storm]-<expansion board name>.dtb"
    By default, we use "omap3-overo-storm-tobi.dtb".
    Signed-off-by: default avatarAsh Charles <ashcharles@gmail.com>
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