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    [iot] Update Trusty IPC code to latest · 688036e6
    Jocelyn Bohr authored
    Update to commit bb39a2b12dce8b6c9df9012faf231648de795e6d
    List of changes:
    bb39a2b ql-tipc: Support ATAP operations from bootloader
    62b8d61 ql-tipc: Move serialization code to keymaster_serializable
    8283307 avoid dead loop if tipc is closed by peer
    cf3f7f5 [ql-tipc] Refactor U-boot rpmb_storage_send
    4b1d74d Make logging more readable
    Test: build + manual TIPC tests
    Change-Id: Ib2c0e7a4a8313b6e62c1fe4f58b923c0c2d3f695
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