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    Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm · 50cd93b2
    Wolfgang Denk authored
    * 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm: (212 commits)
      ARM: cache: Move the cp15 CR register read before flushing the cache.
      ARM: introduce arch_early_init_r()
      PXA: Enable CONFIG_PREBOOT on zipitz2
      ARM: mx28: Remove CONFIG_ARCH_CPU_INIT
      No need to define CONFIG_ARCH_CPU_INIT.
      add new board vl_ma2sc
      MTD: SPEAr SMI: Add write support for length < 4 bytes
      i2c: designware_i2c.c: Add support for the "i2c probe" command
      rtc/m41t62: Add support for M41T82 with HT (Halt Update)
      SPL: ARM: spear: Add SPL support for SPEAr600 platform
      Makefile: Add u-boot.spr build target (SPEAr)
      SPL: ARM: spear: Remove some objects from SPL build
      SPL: lib/Makefile: Add crc32.c to SPL build
      SPL: common/Makefile: Add image.c to SPL build
      arm: Don't use printf() in SPL builds
      GPIO: Add SPEAr GPIO driver
      net: Multiple updates/enhancements to designware.c
      cleanup/SPEAr: Define configuration flags more elegantly
      cleanup/SPEAr: Remove unnecessary parenthesis
      SPEAr: Correct SoC ID offset in misc configuration space
      SPEAr: explicitly select clk src for UART
      SPEAr: Remove CONFIG_MTD_NAND_VERIFY_WRITE to speed up NAND access
      SPEAr: Enable ONFI nand flash detection for spear3xx and 6xx and evb
      SPEAr: Correct the definition of CONFIG_SYS_MONITOR_BASE
      SPEAr: Enable dcache for fast file transfer
      SPEAr: Enable autoneg for ethernet
      SPEAr: Enable udc and usb-console support only for usbtty configuration
      SPEAr: Enable usb device high speed support
      SPEAr: Initialize SNOR in early_board_init_f
      SPEAr: Change the default environment variables
      SPEAr: Remove unused flag (CONFIG_SYS_HZ_CLOCK)
      SPEAr: Add configuration options for spear3xx and spear6xx boards
      SPEAr: Add basic arch related support for SPEAr SoCs
      SPEAr: Add interface information in initialization
      SPEAr: Add macb driver support for spear310 and spear320
      SPEAr: Configure network support for spear SoCs
      SPEAr: Place ethaddr write and read within CONFIG_CMD_NET
      SPEAr: Eliminate dependency on Xloader table
      SPEAr: Fix ARM relocation support
      st_smi: Fixed page size for Winbond W25Q128FV flash
      st_smi: Change timeout loop implementation
      st_smi: Fix bug in flash_print_info()
      st_smi: Change the flash probing method
      st_smi: Removed no needed dependency on ST_M25Pxx_ID
      st_smi: Fix smi read status
      st_smi: Move status register read before modifying ctrl register
      st_smi: Read status until timeout happens
      st_smi: Enhance the error handling
      st_smi: Change SMI timeout values
      st_smi: Return error in case TFF is not set
      st_smi: Add support for SPEAr SMI driver
      mtd/NAND: Remove obsolete SPEAr specific NAND drivers
      SPEAr: Configure FSMC driver for NAND interface
      mtd/NAND: Add FSMC driver support
      arm/km: remove calls to kw_gpio_* in board_early_init_f
      arm/km: add implementation for read_dip_switch
      arm/km: support the 2 PCIe fpga resets
      arm/km: skip FPGA config when already configured
      arm/km: redefine piggy 4 reg names to avoid conflicts
      arm/km: cleanup km_kirkwood boards
      arm/km: enable BOCO2 FPGA download support
      arm/km: remove portl2.h and use km_kirkwood instead
      arm/km: convert mgcoge3un target to km_kirkwood
      arm/km: add kmcoge5un board support
      arm/km: add kmnusa board support
      arm: bugfix: save_boot_params_default accesses uninitalized stack when -O0
      cm-t35: fix incorrect NAND_ECC layout selection
      ARM: OMAP4/5: Do not configure non essential pads, clocks, dplls.
      ARM: OMAP4/5: Move USB pads to essential list.
      ARM: OMAP4/5: Move USB clocks to essential group.
      ARM: OMAP4/5: Move gpmc clocks to essential group.
      ARM: OMAP4+: Move external phy initialisations to arch specific place.
      omap4: Use a smaller M,N couple for IVA DPLL
      da850/omap-l138: Enable auto negotiation in RMII mode
      omap: am33xx: accomodate input clocks other than 24 Mhz
      omap: emif: fix bug in manufacturer code test
      omap: emif: deal with rams that return duplicate mr data on all byte lanes
      OMAP4+: Force DDR in self-refresh after warm reset
      OMAP4+: Handle sdram init after warm reset
      ARM: OMAP3+: Detect reset type
      arm: bugfix: Move vector table before jumping relocated code
      Kirkwood: Add support for Ka-Ro TK71
      arm/km: use spi claim bus to switch between SPI and NAND
      arm/kirkwood: protect the ENV_SPI #defines
      ARM: don't probe PHY address for LaCie boards
      lacie_kw: fix CONFIG_SYS_KWD_CONFIG for inetspace_v2
      lacie_kw: fix SDRAM banks number for net2big_v2
      Kirkwood: add lschlv2 and lsxhl board support
      net: add helper to generate random mac address
      net: use common rand()/srand() functions
      lib: add rand() function
      kwboot: boot kirkwood SoCs over a serial link
      kw_spi: add weak functions board_spi_claim/release_bus
      kw_spi: support spi_claim/release_bus functions
      kw_spi: backup and reset the MPP of the chosen CS pin
      kirkwood: fix calls to kirkwood_mpp_conf
      kirkwood: add save functionality kirkwood_mpp_conf function
      km_arm: use filesize for erase in update command
      arm/km: enable mii cmd
      arm/km: remove CONFIG_RESET_PHY_R
      arm/km: change maintainer for mgcoge3un
      arm/km: fix wrong comment in SDRAM config for mgcoge3un
      arm/km: use ARRAY_SIZE macro
      arm/km: rename CONFIG option CONFIG_KM_DEF_ENV_UPDATE
      arm/km: add piggy mac adress offset for mgcoge3un
      arm/km: add board type to boards.cfg
      AT91SAM9*: Change kernel address in dataflash to match u-boot's size
      ATMEL/PIO: Enable new feature of PIO on Atmel device
      ehci-atmel: fix compiler warning
      AT91: at91sam9m10g45ek : Enable EHCI instead OHCI
      Atmel : usb : add EHCI driver for Atmel SoC
      Fix: AT91SAM9263 nor flash usage
      Fix: broken boot message at serial line on AT91SAM9263-EK board
      i.MX6 USDHC: Use the ESDHC clock
      mx28evk: Fix boot by adjusting HW_DRAM_CTL29 register
      i.MX28: Add function to adjust memory parameters
      mx28evk: Fix PSWITCH key position
      mx53smd: Remove CONFIG_SYS_I2C_SLAVE definition
      mx53loco: Remove CONFIG_SYS_I2C_SLAVE definition
      mx53evk: Remove CONFIG_SYS_I2C_SLAVE definition
      mx53ard: Remove CONFIG_SYS_I2C_SLAVE definition
      mx35pdk: Remove CONFIG_SYS_I2C_SLAVE definition
      imx31_phycore: Remove CONFIG_SYS_I2C_SLAVE definition
      mx53ard: Remove unused CONFIG_MII_GASKET
      mx6: Avoid writing to read-only bits in imximage.cfg
      m28evk: use same notation to alloc the 128kB stack
    Signed-off-by: default avatarWolfgang Denk <wd@denx.de>
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