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dbus: Listen to show/hide requests

Dorota Czaplejewicz requested to merge dbus_pop into master

Request: /sm/puri/OSK0 sm.puri.OSK0 SetVisible

Property: Visible

This adds a second way to control the popping up of the keyboard. Eventually this should become the only way to do it.

Test with

busctl --user monitor --match path=/sm/puri/OSK0
busctl call --user sm.puri.OSK0 /sm/puri/OSK0 sm.puri.OSK0 SetVisible b true
busctl --user get-property sm.puri.OSK0 /sm/puri/OSK0 sm.puri.OSK0 Visible

This uses a different DBus library than the session management. This is a conscious choice - the keyboard is nearing its ceiling, and porting eekboard should begin soon, making the duplication a non-issue.

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