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WIP: Update from upstream

See !17 (closed) . Includes !20 (merged)

Needs to be merged in order for packages to get built properly.

Blocks getting keyboard into the image.

Continues !21 (merged) which thinks it's been merged due to a mistake.

Testing plan:

nitrogen board (with phosh at factor 2 scaling)

  • rotation
  • touch input
  • auto maximazation

amd64 (with phosh at scale == 1 and two outputs (LVDS and HDM1))

  • rotation
  • moving of surfaces between outputs
  • auto maximazation
  • xdg app switching
  • brighness control
  • nightlight
  • restarting phosh several times
  • running phosh against the unpatched wlroots
  • check rootston's power consumption using powertop (~15mW, peaks at ~70mW)

(note that touch input won't work out of the box due to

rootston-on-X at scale factor 2

  • auto maximization
  • xdg app switching

qemu (at scale == 2)

  • rotation
  • librem5 like geometry
Edited by Guido Gunther

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