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  • pureos/0.7.0-2pureos+librem5.1   wlroots Debian release 0.7.0-2pureos+librem5.1
  • 0.8.1   wlroots 0.8.1 This update fixes Drew's continued ability to find novel ways to mess up releases. Filip Sandborg (1): render/gles2: fix calculation for partial gles2 pixel read (#1809) Ilia Bozhinov (1): layer-shell: ignore ack_configure() on closed surfaces Ivan Molodetskikh (2): presentation_feedback: add the sampled state drm: use IMPORT_FD for INVALID modifier Markus Ongyerth (3): Move initialization of wlr_tablet_pad into types/wlr_tablet_pad Add zwp-tablet-unstable-v2 client support Clean up wayland backend tablet support Rouven Czerwinski (1): backend/drm: check for mst: in path property Scott Anderson (1): render/egl: Change KHR_debug log to include error code Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (1): wlr_seat_touch: Destroy the touchpoint on client destroy Simon Ser (1): compositor: disconnect client on OOM in create_surface Versus Void (1): xdg-output: send wl_output.done after xdg_output created amingin (1): Fixes crash of compositor when unvalidated keycode 0 is passed (#1833)
    b051bb68 · Update version to 0.8.1 ·
  • 0.7.0   wlroots 0.7.0 wlroots 0.7.0 includes the following breaking changes: wlr_output_mode: drop wlr_outupt_mode.flags This field was never used and has now been removed. wlr_output: drop wlr_output.transform This field was not meaningful. Orbital screenshooter and gamma-control have been removed These protocols are obsolete and have been replaced with more mature wlr protocols. Andri Yngvason (2): backend: touch: Assign good ids to single touch devices backend: touch: Fixup incomplete patch for single touch devices. Antonin Décimo (12): render/drm: keep old drm_format if realloc fails xcursor: avoid leak and loss of all cursors if cursors realloc fails Fix memory leak Simplify check wlr_surface: condition is always false xdg_shell: remove variable self-assignment backend/session: non-void function should return a value backend/drm: use UINT64_C for uint64_t literals Avoid loss of a fractional part backend/wayland: check if zxdg_toplevel_decoration_v1 is not NULL xwayland: prevent possible array overrun examples: remove duplicated condition Ashkan Kiani (1): Use a set to track pointer button state. Brian Ashworth (4): session/logind: keep active for pause_device gone zwp_virtual-keyboard: fix mmap error handling wlr_xdg_toplevel: reparent on parent unmap wlr-layer-shell-v1: destroy xdg popups on unmap Dorota Czaplejewicz (2): x11: Send a frame event on the pointer after button events virtual_keyboard: Require keymap before accepting keycodes Drew DeVault (4): Remove rootston Add libinput-1.14 support Revert "render/drm: keep old drm_format if realloc fails" Add _incr_version to contrib/ Greg V (1): Support pointer-gestures on Wayland backend Guido Günther (4): wlr_seat_touch: Don't destroy touch point with surface layer-shell: Remove unused event source layer-shell: Reject requests on gone surfaces text_input: Don't forget to send enter events Ilia Bozhinov (2): output: clear output->damage on successful commit output-damage: set needs swap only when we have new damage Jan Beich (1): Test RDP backend on FreeBSD as well Jan Chren (2): session/logind: specify seat exactly session/logind: check for XDG_SESSION_ID first Jason Francis (3): screencopy: fix segfault on disabled output screencopy: send failed after output disconnect export-dmabuf-v1: fix segfault on output disable Manuel Stoeckl (6): Implement serial validation for selection requests wlr_seat: Fix edge cases with serial validation wlr_pointer_gestures: Register event serials wlr_tablet_v2: Register event serials wlr_seat: special-case first serial set use Use -fmacro-prefix-map to strip build path Michiel (1): Fixes #1689 RDP RemoteFX crash Rouven Czerwinski (5): wlr_output: remove idle_done on output destroy drm: legacy: issue a NULL modeset on disable backend: drm: switch to pageflip_handler_2 backend/drm: destroy output immediately Revert "output: atomic mode" Scott Anderson (3): Remove WLR_DRM_NO_ATOMIC_GAMMA workaround backend/drm: Simplify object matching code backend/drm: Exit-early if 0 crtcs Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (9): seat: Move focus back to first shell surface when unfocusing layer surface xdg_shell(_v6): Take maximize/fullscreen state into account on view init wlr_touch: Declare wlr_touch_impl usage as const backends/x11: Touch support wlr_input_method_v2: Remove input method's resource from the list on destroy wlr_seat_touch: add a way for a grab to ignore a touch point wlr_xdg_popup: grab touch events alongside pointer and keyboard wlr_xdg_popup: don't treat all surfaces of grabbing client as grabbing surfaces Revert "wlr_xdg_popup: don't treat all surfaces of grabbing client as grabbing surfaces" Silvan Jegen (1): rootston: remove duplicated include Simon Ser (26): backend/wayland: use xdg-decoration-unstable-v1 backend/wayland: remove wl_shm render/gles2: print GL_RENDERER Remove orbital screenshooter and gamma-control backend/drm: check format when scanning out DMA-BUF backend/drm: strip alpha channel on scan-out render/dmabuf: add wlr_dmabuf_attributes_copy buffer: add wlr_buffer_get_dmabuf output: change set_dmabuf to attach_buffer output: fix attach_buffer semantics output: save buffer in pending state backend/drm: hold buffers while scanning out backend/drm: reject DMA-BUFs with flags rootston: add support for direct scan-out output: refuse to scan-out if software cursors are used output: introduce wlr_output_lock_attach_render output-damage: support direct scan-out backend/drm: fallback to drmModeAddFB2 backend/drm: add support for multiplanar BOs output: reset the pending state on failed commit output: remove wlr_output_impl.transform output: drop wlr_output_mode.flags Remove all wayland-server.h includes output: atomic mode, enabled, scale and transform xdg-output: add support for xdg-output-unstable-v1 version 3 backend/drm: fix missing plane formats emersion (1): backend/drm: add basic support for direct scan-out
    a20bb387 · Update version to 0.7.0 ·
  • 0.6.0   wlroots 0.6.0 wlroots 0.6.0 includes the following breaking changes: Remove wlr_wl_shell We have removed the long-deprecated wl_shell implementation from wlroots. output: refactor frame submission API To migrate from the old API to the new one: 1. Replace wlr_output_make_current calls with wlr_output_attach_render 2. Replace wlr_output_swap_buffers calls with wlr_output_set_damage and wlr_output_commit 3. Replace wlr_output_damage_make_current calls with wlr_output_damage_attach_render 4. Replace wlr_output_damage_swap_buffers with wlr_output_set_damage and wlr_output_commit 5. Replace wlr_output.needs_swap with wlr_output.needs_frame 6. Replace wlr_output.events.swap_buffers with wlr_output.events.precommit output: remove lx, ly The layout coordinates have been removed from wlr_output. Wayland clients now receive a non-meaningful value from this interface, and should switch to using xdg-output for this purpose. Rename lid_switch to switch_device to disambiguate lid and tablet mode switches To update your compositors, run s/lid_switch/switch_device/g. Full changelog: Alyssa Ross (1): Fix missing headers when building without X11 Brian Ashworth (6): backend/wayland: improve output number handling backend/x11: improve output number handling backend/headless: improve output number handling backend/noop: improve output number handling wlr_xdg_toplevel: store pending fullscreen output wlr_xdg_toplevel_v6: store pending fullscreen output Drew DeVault (2): Add FreeRDP backend for remote desktop support Remove wlr_wl_shell Guido Günther (3): wlr_output: Add preferred property (#1625) rootston: Also iterate layer shell popups Emit preferred mode Ilia Bozhinov (8): meson.build: require libinput >= 1.9.0 noop: implement setting a custom mode rootston: remove disabled outputs from the output layout output: do nothing in output_set_image if backend has no renderer idle: enable the compositors to add custom idle timeouts (#1655) foreign-toplevel: support fullscreen state and request rootston: add support for foreign-toplevel fullscreening examples: add fullscreening to foreign-toplevel.c Jan Beich (2): backend: unbreak on 32-bit architectures Switch to system epoll-shim.pc in FreeBSD build Markus Ongyerth (1): send proximity_out in proximity in for tablet_v2 Ryan Walklin (1): s/lid_switch/switch_device Scott Anderson (2): render: introduce wlr_drm_format_set Advertise wl_seat version 7 Simon Ser (20): data-device: ignore accept for selection offers output: introduce wlr_output_preferred_mode rootston: use wlr_output_preferred_mode output: refactor frame submission API output: refactor backend API output: rename swap_buffers event to precommit output-damage: refactor API output: rename needs_commit to needs_frame render/egl: fix zero-length VLA backend/wayland: fix wlr_wl_pointer use-after-free output-damage: fix segfault after destroy render/egl: fix swapping with no damage rootston: don't submit too much damage output: disambiguate the two types of damage rootston: fix damage tracking debug mode output: introduce wlr_output_schedule_done xdg-output: schedule a wl_output.done event on update seat: fallback to v6 if libwayland 1.17 isn't available backend/noop: disallow rendering ci: enable Meson auto features Stuart Dilts (1): types/meson.build: Add compile args for libinput to lib_wlr_types (#1636) emersion (18): meson: remove -Wredundant-decls render: switch wlr_renderer to wlr_drm_format_set util/log: setup wayland log handler Add support for wlr-output-management-unstable-v1 Split wlr_output_configuration_head_v1 Add apply and test events to manager output-management-v1: various fixes rootston: add output-management-v1 support output-management-v1: add support for modes rootston: update output-management-v1 state when output is modeset output-management-v1: add support for position, transform and scale output-management-v1: support applying configuration output-management-v1: fix wl_fixed_t conversion output-management-v1: support outputs without modes output-management-v1: update protocol, add set_custom_mode rootston: disable then enable outputs when applying output-management state output-management-v1: add more docs output: remove lx, ly
    c0305f4f · Update version to 0.6.0 ·
  • 0.5.0   wlroots 0.5.0 Brian Ashworth (1): wlr_output_layout_get_box: handle empty layout Guido Günther (4): Unbreak build with '-Wstrict-prototypes' rootston/view: Remove redundant declaration in the same file wlr_xdg_shell: Remove redundant declaration in the same file Remove glEGLImageTargetTexture2DOES Ian Fan (1): seat: fix remaining wlr_button_state enum rename Ilia Bozhinov (2): xwm: use min size as base size hint if it is missing and vice versa xwm: fix typos in WM_NORMAL_HINTS handling Niklas Schulze (1): backend/session: Allow setting a custom tty via WLR_DIRECT_TTY Scott Anderson (1): backend/drm: Don't fail on failing to find overlay format emersion (15): seat: guard against button count corruption meson: enable more compiler warnings seat: use wlr_button_state enum instead of uint32_t seat: only store serial if pressing a button tinywl: send pointer frame events backend/session: add noop session rootston: refactor rendering rootston: fix rotated views rendering rootston: fix Xwayland children rendering when fullscreen rootston: split rendering code into render.c rootston: fix input events for rotated views xwayland: don't set DISPLAY seat: add debug logs when validating grab serials backend/session: open TTY with O_CLOEXEC for direct session xwayland: set CLOEXEC on /dev/null FD
    c9137cba · Update version to 0.5.0 ·
  • 0.4.1   wlroots 0.4.1 Guido Günther (1): rootston: Make add_{switch,binding}_config static athrungithub (1): clang compile fix #1572 emersion (1): Bump version to 0.4
    b46e097f · Update version to 0.4.1 ·
  • 0.4   wlroots 0.4 Brian Ashworth (4): xwm: stack below on map drm: do not modeset to current mode wlr_output: do not modeset to current mode backend/drm: fix modeset on drm fd resume Connor E (2): Make popup inert when destroyed. Add build-*/ to gitignore. Drew DeVault (2): Use freebsd/latest for FreeBSD sr.ht builds Revert "drm: do not modeset to current mode" Geoff Greer (1): Add a wlr_output_set_subpixel() Ivan Molodetskikh (2): data-control: add primary selection support Update data-control Jan Beich (1): Add xcb-errors to FreeBSD build Markus Ongyerth (1): Prevent NULL dereference in tablet_tool handler Rouven Czerwinski (1): backend/drm: fix memory leak in realloc crtcs Scott Anderson (1): backend/drm: Unset cursor on cleanup Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (3): Post protocol error on invalid wl_surface scale rootston: don't try to maximize fullscreen surfaces rootston: surface_at: check for fullscreen surfaces in between TOP and OVERLAY layers Uli Schlachter (1): xwm: Add _NET_CLIENT_LIST support Vincent Vanlaer (3): Allow cursor render surface to be used as fb Copy cursor surface to secondary gpu if necessary Add workaround for hardware cursors on nouveau emersion (21): Bump project version to 0.3 data-device: destroy previous source when starting drag xdg-shell: destroy child popups on unmap Deprecate old protocols primary-selection-v1: copy from gtk-primary-selection surface: error out on invalid transform subsurface: add map/unmap events xwayland, data-device: fix surface state on unmap data-device: make old offers inert before sending selection backend/drm: fix NULL dereference when unsetting cursor xwayland: don't use SOCK_CLOEXEC xwayland: remove remaining SOCK_CLOEXEC data-device: refactor wlr_drag data-device: fix drag cleanup if not started rootston: cancel drag on invalid serial data-offer: send WL_DATA_OFFER_ERROR_INVALID_FINISH data-device: unbreak wl_data_source.cancel during drag-and-drop rootston: move part of desktop.c to view.c, use an interface for views rootston: add a view child interface rootston: make roots_view embedded and remove unions data-device: check if there's a source before sending dnd_finish mnussbaum (1): Allow compositors to run as systemd user units
  • 0.3   0.3
  • librem5/0.0.0_git20180912.1   librem5/0.0.0~git20180912.1
  • 0.2   wlroots 0.2 Cedric Sodhi (1): Tell Mesa not to attempt X11 headers Cosimo Cecchi (1): xcursor: Support XDG user data dir location Drew DeVault (26): Merge pull request #1307 from emersion/static-analysis Merge pull request #1289 from ixru/fix-cursor-visibility Merge pull request #1327 from RyanDwyer/xwm-unset-minmax-hints Add FreeBSD build Merge pull request #1338 from emersion/wayland-swap-interval Merge pull request #1340 from emersion/fix-input-method-destroy Merge pull request #1332 from emersion/shm-open Merge pull request #1346 from emersion/fix-schedule-frame-mgpu Merge pull request #1341 from emersion/view-at-unmapped Merge pull request #1350 from emersion/check-gles2-bgra-ext Merge pull request #1261 from arandomhuman/damage-control Merge pull request #1357 from emersion/xopen-source Merge pull request #1358 from emersion/xcursor-heap Merge pull request #1364 from ManDay/master Merge pull request #1356 from emersion/egl-renderable-type Merge pull request #1369 from ascent12/wayland_backend Merge pull request #1372 from emersion/config10 Merge pull request #1373 from emersion/fix-teardown-segfaults Merge pull request #1366 from emersion/render-software-cursors Merge pull request #1375 from emersion/tablet-segfault Merge pull request #1392 from emersion/disable-static-analysis Merge pull request #1396 from emersion/fix-destroyed-subsurface Merge pull request #1384 from emersion/data-multiple-devices Merge pull request #1387 from emersion/rename-gtk-primary-selection Merge pull request #1399 from emersion/fix-wl-backend-zero-vla Merge pull request #1400 from emersion/xcursor-fixes Ilia Bozhinov (1): output: add wlr_output_preferred_read_format() Julio Galvan (1): Fix compilation error on musl Philipp Ludwig (1): xcursor: fix crash when encountering cursor themes with circular dependencies Rostislav Pehlivanov (2): Skip interlaced modes during drm mode detection Fix interlaced mode rejection Ryan Dwyer (3): xwm: Unset min/max size hints if they're not used Merge pull request #1335 from emersion/fucking-transparency Merge pull request #1395 from emersion/text-input-log-newline Scott Anderson (11): backend/wayland: Move registry into backend backend/wayland: Use specific wl_global versions backend/wayland: Move initilisation code earlier backend/wayland: Make header order consistent backend/x11: Rename xcb_conn to xcb backend/x11: Make header order consistent backend/x11: Move atom initilisation earlier backend/x11: Check for xinput extension backend/x11: Add new Xinput events backend/x11: Remove old input functions backend/x11: Hide cursor with Xfixes Sorcus (1): Fix "variable ‘cursor_default’ set but not used" Tobias Stoeckmann (1): xcursor: Fix heap overflows when parsing malicious files buffet (1): Fixed loc count in readme emersion (48): backend: fix use-after-free in wlr_backend_autocreate tablet-v2: fix memory leak on OOM, fix resource version Update version to 0.1 xwayland: fix typo to enable transparency Merge pull request #1336 from swaywm/freebsd idle: allow zero timeout render: on Wayland, make eglSwapBuffers non-blocking Merge pull request #1337 from emersion/idle-zero-timeout Merge pull request #1339 from MrSorcus/master input-method-v2: initialize destroy signal util: use shm_open for in-memory files xwayland: don't fail if XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not set rootston: fix segfault in view_at rootston: fix segfault when destroying unmapped fullscreen views backend/drm: add WLR_DRM_NO_ATOMIC_GAMMA env variable backend/drm: fix frame scheduling on secondary GPUs Merge pull request #1344 from emersion/no-atomic-gamma render/gles2: remove assumptions about supported formats backend/drm: specify minimum config attributes render/gles2: check for GL_OES_EGL_image_external surface: fix wlr_surface_get_effective_damage to give surface coords Use _POSIX_C_SOURCE, use shm_open examples: only link clients to wlroots if necessary Merge pull request #1362 from julio641742/patch-1 Merge pull request #1361 from sghctoma/fix-shm render: correctly set EGL_RENDERABLE_TYPE backend/wayland: handle WL_EVENT_WRITABLE for Wayland socket Use #if instead of #ifdef for wlroots config data xdg-shell: don't destroy xdg role state on role destroy tablet-v2: fix segfault on display destroy Merge pull request #1368 from ascent12/x11_backend output: remove wlr_output_set_fullscreen_surface output: add wlr_output_render_software_cursors output: make wlr_egl flip the damage gtk-primary-selection: support multiple devices gtk-primary-selection: track resources Merge pull request #1382 from atomnuker/master Merge pull request #1380 from emersion/gtk-primary-selection-multiple-devices Merge pull request #1385 from atomnuker/master Rename wlr_primary_selection to wlr_gtk_primary_selection Merge pull request #1390 from ammen99/fix-preferred-read-format Merge pull request #1391 from buffet/fix-loc-count Disable Clang static analysis text-input-v3: remove newline in log message data-device: allow multiple devices for the same seat data-device: never cancel the source when offer is destroyed surface: fix destroyed subsurfaces handling backend/wayland: fix zero-length VLA ixru (2): Fix cursor visibility on surface commit Better placement of visibility check random human (5): wlr_surface: fix surface damage transformation wlr_surface: fix surface damage on resize wlr_surface: remove duplicated damage calculation wlr_surface: more consistent argument naming in surface_update_damage wlr_surface: add wlr_surface_get_effective_damage sghctoma (3): Force ftruncate for shared mem. objects on FreeBSD Use ftruncate to set shared memory object's size Remove WLR_HAS_POSIX_FALLOCATE from build system
  • 0.1   wlroots 0.1 This is a meaningless line drawn in the sand.
  • librem5/0.0.0_git20180912   librem5/0.0.0~git20180912
  • librem5/0.0.0_git20180911   librem5/0.0.0~git20180911
  • librem5/0.0.0_git20180830   librem5/0.0.0~git20180830
  • librem5/0.0.0_git20180727   librem5/0.0.0~git20180727
  • librem5/0.0.0_git20180712   librem5/0.0.0~git20180712
  • librem5/0.0.0_git20180702   librem5/0.0.0~git20180702
  • librem5/0.0.0_git20180621   librem5/0.0.0~git20180621
  • librem5/0.0.0_git20180607   librem5/0.0.0~git20180607
  • librem5/0.0.0_git20180524   librem5/0.0.0~git20180524