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    Owen Taylor authored
    Mon Mar  9 20:38:15 1998  Owen Taylor  <owt1@cornell.edu>
            * gtk/gtkentry.c gtk/gtkeditable.c gtk/gtkspinbutton.c:
              Moved "activate" to editable class. Made the vfuncs in
              gtkeditable just vfuncs not signals.
            * gtkentry.[ch] gtktext.[ch]: Made behavior when pressing
              multiple buttons at once more rational.
            * gtkentry.c gtktext.c: Unified and rationalized key
              bindings. (Now are basically emacs+CUA)
            * gtktext.c:
              - Last position now always shares the property of the preceding
              - Freeze the widget when inserting large amounts of text.
              - Selecting lines now selects the _whole_ line.
              - Fixed bug with displaying the cursor
              - Ctrl-Home/End now move the cursor to the _absolute home/end
            * gtkmenuitem.c: Remove necessary code out of a g_return_if_fail
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