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    Make GtkTreeMenu a private class: · 7b2d6e5c
    Tristan Van Berkom authored
      - Removed GtkTreeMenu from gtk-docs.sgml
      - Removed GtkTreeMenu from gtk3-sections.txt
      - Removed GtkTreeMenu from gtk.symbols
      - Make GtkTreeMenu apis prefixed with '_' (including _get_type()).
      - Updated GtkComboBox sources to use the private apis
      - Updated GtkCellView to not mention #GtkTreeMenu in gtk-doc statements
      - Updated tests/testtreemenu to not use a GtkTreeMenu but still
        show a very fancy GtkComboBox
      - Moved gtktreemenu.h to private headers section in the makefile.
      - Removed include of gtktreemenu.h from gtk.h
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