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    Tim Janik authored
    Fri May 12 17:13:32 2000  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
    	* docs/Changes-1.4.txt: documented necessary changes for 1.4 transition.
    	* gtk/gtktext.c: made the adjustments no-construct args, simply
    	provide default adjustments.
    	(gtk_text_destroy): release adjustments.
    	* gtk/gtkprogressbar.c (gtk_progress_bar_class_init): made the
    	adjustment argument non-construct.
    	* gtk/gtkprogress.c (gtk_progress_destroy): release adjustment here,
    	instead of in finalize.
    	(gtk_progress_configure): ensure an adjustment is present.
    Thu May 11 01:24:08 2000  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtkcolorsel.[hc]:
    	* gtk/gtkcolorseldialog.[hc]:
    	* gtk/gtkhsv.[hc]: major code cleanups, destroy handlers need to chain
    	their parent implementation, use bit fields for boolean values, don't
    	create unused widgets, usage of glib types, braces go on their own
    	lines, function argument alignment, #include directives etc. etc. etc..
    	* gtk/Makefile.am (gtk_public_h_sources): install gtkhsv.h.
    Wed May 10 23:29:52 2000  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtktoolbar.c (gtk_toolbar_destroy): don't unref a NULL tooltips.
    	* gtk/gtkfilesel.c (gtk_file_selection_destroy): don't free a cmpl_state
    	of NULL.
    	* gtk/gtkcombo.c (gtk_combo_item_destroy): don#t keep references
    	to freed data.
    	(gtk_combo_destroy): don't keep a pointer to a destroyed window.
    	* gtk/gtkmenu.c (gtk_menu_init): reset the menu's toplevel pointer
    	to NULL when the toplevel is getting destroyed.
    	(gtk_menu_set_tearoff_state): same here for the tearoff_window.
    	(gtk_menu_init): store the information of whether we have to
    	readd the initial child ref_count during destruction in a new
    	GtkMenu field needs_destruction_ref_count.
    	* gtk/gtkviewport.c: SHAME! ok this one is tricky, so i note it
    	here, those reading: learn from my mistake! ;)
    	in order for set_?adjustment to support a default adjustemnt if
    	invoked with an adjustment pointer of NULL, the code read (pseudo):
    	if (v->adjustment) unref (v->adjustment);
    	if (!adjustment) adjustment = adjustment_new ();
    	if (v->adjustment != adjustment) v->adjustment = ref (adjustment);
    	now imagine the first unref to actually free the old adjustment and
    	adjustment_new() creating a new adjustment from the very same memory
    	portion. here, the latter comparision will unintendedly fail, and
    	all hell breaks loose.
    	(gtk_viewport_set_vadjustment): reset viewport->?adjustment to NULL
    	after unreferencing it.
    	* gtk/gtkcontainer.[hc]: removed toplevel registration
    	functions: gtk_container_register_toplevel(),
    	gtk_container_unregister_toplevel() and
    	gtk_container_get_toplevels() which had wrong semantics
    	anyways: it didn't reference and copy the list.
    	* gtk/gtkwindow.c: we take over the container toplevel registration
    	bussiness now. windows are registered across multiple destructions,
    	untill they are finalized. the initial implicit reference count
    	users are holding on windows is removed with the first destruction
    	(gtk_window_init): ref & sink and set has_user_ref_count, got
    	rid of gtk_container_register_toplevel() call. add window to
    	(gtk_window_destroy): unref the window if has_user_ref_count
    	is still set, got rid of call to
    	(gtk_window_finalize): remove window from toplevel list.
    	(gtk_window_list_toplevels): new function to return a newly
    	created list with referenced toplevels.
    	(gtk_window_read_rcfiles): use gtk_window_list_toplevels().
    	* gtk/gtkhscale.c (gtk_hscale_class_init): made the GtkRange
    	adjustment a non-construct arg.
    	* gtk/gtkvscale.c (gtk_vscale_class_init): likewise.
    	* gtk/gtkhscrollbar.c (gtk_vscrollbar_class_init): likewise.
    	* gtk/gtkvscrollbar.c (gtk_vscrollbar_class_init): likewise.
    	* gtk/gtkrange.c: added some realized checks.
    	(gtk_range_destroy): get rid of the h/v adjustments in the
    	destroy handler instead of finalize. remove timer.
    	(gtk_range_get_adjustment): demand create adjustment.
    	* gtk/gtkviewport.c: made h/v adjustment non-construct args.
    	we simply create them on demand now and get rid of them in
    	the destroy handler.
    	(gtk_viewport_destroy): get rid of the h/v adjustments in the
    	destroy handler instead of finalize.
    	(gtk_viewport_size_allocate): demand create h/v adjustment
    	if required.
    	* gtk/gtkwidget.c (gtk_widget_finalize): duplicate part of the
    	gtk_widget_real_destroy () functionality.
    	(gtk_widget_real_destroy): reinitialize with a new style, instead
    	of setting widget->style to NULL.
    Fri May  5 13:02:09 2000  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtkcalendar.c:
    	* gtk/gtkbutton.c: ported _get_type() implementation over to
    	GType, either to preserve memchunks allocation facilities,
    	or because Gtk+ 1.0 GtkTypeInfo was still being used.
    	* gtk/gtkobject.[hc]: derive from GObject. ported various functions
    	over. prepare for ::destroy to be emitted multiple times.
    	removed reference tracer magic. chain into GObjectClass.shutdown()
    	to emit ::destroy signal.
    	* gtk/gtksignal.c: removed assumptions about GTK_TYPE_OBJECT being
    	* gtk/gtkmain.c: removed gtk_object_post_arg_parsing_init()
    	* gtk/gtksocket.c:
    	* gtk/gtkplug.c:
    	* gtk/gtklayout.c:
    	* gtk/gtklabel.c:
    	* gtk/gtkargcollector.c:
    	* gtk/gtkarg.c: various fixups to work with GTK_TYPE_OBJECT
    	not being a fundamental anymore, and to work with the new
    	type system (nuked fundamental type varargs clutter).
    	* gtk/*.c: install finalize handlers in the GObjectClass
    	part of the class structure.
    	changed direct GTK_OBJECT()->klass accesses to
    	changed direct object_class->type accesses to GTK_CLASS_TYPE().
    	* gtktypeutils.[hc]: use the reserved fundamental ids provided by
    	GType. made most of the GTK_*() type macros and Gtk* typedefs
    	simple wrappers around macros and types provided by GType.
    	most notably, a significant portion of the old API vanished:
    	replacements, where available are described in ../docs/Changes-1.4.txt.
    	implemented compatibility functions for the remaining API.
    	* configure.in: depend on glib 1.3.1, use gobject module.
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