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    Add infrastructure for copy/paste and DND of rich text for GtkTextBuffer. · 6c1d990a
    Michael Natterer authored
    2006-03-07  Michael Natterer  <mitch@imendio.com>
    	Add infrastructure for copy/paste and DND of rich text for
    	GtkTextBuffer. Fixes bug #324177.
    	* gtk/gtktextbufferrichtext.[ch]: new files implementing a
    	per-buffer registry of rich text formats.
    	* gtk/gtk.h: #include gtktextbufferrichtext.h
    	* gtk/gtktextbufferserialize.[ch]: new files implementing an
    	internal serialization format that can handle all of a text
    	buffer's tags and pixbufs. It's not useful for anything except
    	tranfer between instances of GtkTextBuffer (Anders Carlsson).
    	* gtk/Makefile.am: build the new files.
    	* gtk/gtkclipboard.[ch]: added convenience APIs for rich text,
    	just as they exist for plain text and pixbufs.
    	* gtk/gtkselection.[ch]: added rich text convenience APIs here
    	too.  Return the target list from gtk_target_list_ref(). Register
    	GtkTargetList as boxed type. Added
    	gtk_target_table_new_from_list() and gtk_target_table_free(),
    	which make converting between GtkTargetList and arrays of
    	GtkTargetEntry considerably easier.
    	* gtk/gtktextutil.[ch]: added _gtk_text_util_create_rich_drag_icon()
    	which creates a fancy rich text icon (Matthias Clasen).
    	* gtk/gtktextbuffer.[ch]: use all the new stuff above and
    	implement copy and paste of rich text. Added APIs for getting the
    	target lists used for copy and paste. Added public enum
    	GtkTextBufferTargetInfo which contains the "info" IDs associated
    	with the entries of the target lists.
    	* gtk/gtktextview.c: use the new rich text APIs and
    	GtkTextBuffer's new target list API to enable DND of rich text
    	* gtk/gtk.symbols: export all the new symbols added.
    	* tests/testtext.c: added rich text testing stuff.
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