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    Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-next · 1c8c5a9d
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    Pull networking updates from David Miller:
     1) Add Maglev hashing scheduler to IPVS, from Inju Song.
     2) Lots of new TC subsystem tests from Roman Mashak.
     3) Add TCP zero copy receive and fix delayed acks and autotuning with
        SO_RCVLOWAT, from Eric Dumazet.
     4) Add XDP_REDIRECT support to mlx5 driver, from Jesper Dangaard
     5) Add ttl inherit support to vxlan, from Hangbin Liu.
     6) Properly separate ipv6 routes into their logically independant
        components. fib6_info for the routing table, and fib6_nh for sets of
        nexthops, which thus can be shared. From David Ahern.
     7) Add bpf_xdp_adjust_tail helper, which can be used to generate ICMP
        messages from XDP programs. From Nikita V. Shirokov.
     8) Lots of long overdue cleanups to the r8169 driver, from Heiner
     9) Add BTF ("BPF Type Format"), from Martin KaFai Lau.
    10) Add traffic condition monitoring to iwlwifi, from Luca Coelho.
    11) Plumb extack down into fib_rules, from Roopa Prabhu.
    12) Add Flower classifier offload support to igb, from Vinicius Costa
    13) Add UDP GSO support, from Willem de Bruijn.
    14) Add documentation for eBPF helpers, from Quentin Monnet.
    15) Add TLS tx offload to mlx5, from Ilya Lesokhin.
    16) Allow applications to be given the number of bytes available to read
        on a socket via a control message returned from recvmsg(), from
        Soheil Hassas Yeganeh.
    17) Add x86_32 eBPF JIT compiler, from Wang YanQing.
    18) Add AF_XDP sockets, with zerocopy support infrastructure as well.
        From Björn Töpel.
    19) Remove indirect load support from all of the BPF JITs and handle
        these operations in the verifier by translating them into native BPF
        instead. From Daniel Borkmann.
    20) Add GRO support to ipv6 gre tunnels, from Eran Ben Elisha.
    21) Allow XDP programs to do lookups in the main kernel routing tables
        for forwarding. From David Ahern.
    22) Allow drivers to store hardware state into an ELF section of kernel
        dump vmcore files, and use it in cxgb4. From Rahul Lakkireddy.
    23) Various RACK and loss detection improvements in TCP, from Yuchung
    24) Add TCP SACK compression, from Eric Dumazet.
    25) Add User Mode Helper support and basic bpfilter infrastructure, from
        Alexei Starovoitov.
    26) Support ports and protocol values in RTM_GETROUTE, from Roopa
    27) Support bulking in ->ndo_xdp_xmit() API, from Jesper Dangaard
    28) Add lots of forwarding selftests, from Petr Machata.
    29) Add generic network device failover driver, from Sridhar Samudrala.
    * ra.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-next: (1959 commits)
      strparser: Add __strp_unpause and use it in ktls.
      rxrpc: Fix terminal retransmission connection ID to include the channel
      net: hns3: Optimize PF CMDQ interrupt switching process
      net: hns3: Fix for VF mailbox receiving unknown message
      net: hns3: Fix for VF mailbox cannot receiving PF response
      bnx2x: use the right constant
      Revert "net: sched: cls: Fix offloading when ingress dev is vxlan"
      net: dsa: b53: Fix for brcm tag issue in Cygnus SoC
      enic: fix UDP rss bits
      netdev-FAQ: clarify DaveM's position for stable backports
      rtnetlink: validate attributes in do_setlink()
      mlxsw: Add extack messages for port_{un, }split failures
      netdevsim: Add extack error message for devlink reload
      devlink: Add extack to reload and port_{un, }split operations
      net: metrics: add proper netlink validation
      ipmr: fix error path when ipmr_new_table fails
      ip6mr: only set ip6mr_table from setsockopt when ip6mr_new_table succeeds
      net: hns3: remove unused hclgevf_cfg_func_mta_filter
      netfilter: provide udp*_lib_lookup for nf_tproxy
      qed*: Utilize FW
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