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    Merge tag 'nfs-for-4.18-1' of git://git.linux-nfs.org/projects/trondmy/linux-nfs · 0725d4e1
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull NFS client updates from Trond Myklebust:
     "Highlights include:
      Stable fixes:
       - Fix a 1-byte stack overflow in nfs_idmap_read_and_verify_message
       - Fix a hang due to incorrect error returns in rpcrdma_convert_iovs()
       - Revert an incorrect change to the NFSv4.1 callback channel
       - Fix a bug in the NFSv4.1 sequence error handling
      Features and optimisations:
       - Support for piggybacking a LAYOUTGET operation to the OPEN compound
       - RDMA performance enhancements to deal with transport congestion
       - Add proper SPDX tags for NetApp-contributed RDMA source
       - Do not request delegated file attributes (size+change) from the
       - Optimise away a GETATTR in the lookup revalidate code when doing
         NFSv4 OPEN
       - Optimise away unnecessary lookups for rename targets
       - Misc performance improvements when freeing NFSv4 delegations
      Bugfixes and cleanups:
       - Try to fail quickly if proto=rdma
       - Clean up RDMA receive trace points
       - Fix sillyrename to return the delegation when appropriate
       - Misc attribute revalidation fixes
       - Immediately clear the pNFS layout on a file when the server returns
       - Return NFS4ERR_DELAY when delegation/layout recalls fail due to
       - Fix the client behaviour on NFS4ERR_SEQ_FALSE_RETRY"
    * tag 'nfs-for-4.18-1' of git://git.linux-nfs.org/projects/trondmy/linux-nfs: (80 commits)
      skip LAYOUTRETURN if layout is invalid
      NFSv4.1: Fix the client behaviour on NFS4ERR_SEQ_FALSE_RETRY
      NFSv4: Fix a typo in nfs41_sequence_process
      NFSv4: Revert commit 5f83d86c ("NFSv4.x: Fix wraparound issues..")
      NFSv4: Return NFS4ERR_DELAY when a layout recall fails due to igrab()
      NFSv4: Return NFS4ERR_DELAY when a delegation recall fails due to igrab()
      NFSv4.0: Remove transport protocol name from non-UCS client ID
      NFSv4.0: Remove cl_ipaddr from non-UCS client ID
      NFSv4: Fix a compiler warning when CONFIG_NFS_V4_1 is undefined
      NFS: Filter cache invalidation when holding a delegation
      NFS: Ignore NFS_INO_REVAL_FORCED in nfs_check_inode_attributes()
      NFS: Improve caching while holding a delegation
      NFS: Fix attribute revalidation
      NFS: fix up nfs_setattr_update_inode
      NFSv4: Ensure the inode is clean when we set a delegation
      NFSv4: Ignore NFS_INO_REVAL_FORCED in nfs4_proc_access
      NFSv4: Don't ask for delegated attributes when adding a hard link
      NFSv4: Don't ask for delegated attributes when revalidating the inode
      NFS: Pass the inode down to the getattr() callback
      NFSv4: Don't request size+change attribute if they are delegated to us
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