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    payloads/SeaBIOS: apply bootsplash patch · 0a9d9bdf
    Matt Devillier authored
    Patch SeaBIOS to not start in console mode if a bootsplash
    image is to be displayed, eliminating the flicker from
    starting in conole mode then immediately switchint to the bootslpash.
    Adjust application of patch file so as to make for a reproducible build.
    The committer name, email and date needs to match the author's
    otherwise on every build, seabios will have a different commit
    hash for HEAD, which can be problematic for reproducable builds
    but also could confuse people if every time they type 'make', they
    get a different hash of their rom
    Change-Id: I493c90e73722aa8046262fc0a97fcdeab12982a4
    Signed-off-by: Matt Devillier's avatarMatt DeVillier <matt.devillier@puri.sm>
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