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    .../purism/common: Rework 'kbled/twosided'->'leds/combined' w/charge · 0bb7b016
    Jonathon Hall authored
    Librem 14's power and charge LEDs work together, as they share a single
    physical hole.  Effectively, they just change the color of a single
    indicator controlled by a shared PWM.
    Manage the charge LEDs as part of the same strategy.  Common code now
    sets a desired power or charge LED state, and the 'leds' strategy
    works out which LED to light based on the desired state.  Other boards
    can employ different strategies when the power/charge LEDs are
    separate, etc.
    Rename the 'twosided' strategy to 'combined' to reflect that the key
    behavior is combining the power/charge LEDs.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJonathon Hall <>