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    Merge tag 'docs-4.15' of git://git.lwn.net/linux · 7832681b
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull documentation updates from Jonathan Corbet:
     "A relatively calm cycle for the docs tree again.
      - The old driver statement has been added to the kernel docs.
      - We have a couple of new helper scripts. find-unused-docs.sh from
        Sayli Karnic will point out kerneldoc comments that are not actually
        used in the documentation. Jani Nikula's
        documentation-file-ref-check finds references to non-existing files.
      - A new ftrace document from Steve Rostedt.
      - Vinod Koul converted the dmaengine docs to RST
      Beyond that, it's mostly simple fixes.
      This set reaches outside of Documentation/ a bit more than most. In
      all cases, the changes are to comment docs, mostly from Randy, in
      places where there didn't seem to be anybody better to take them"
    * tag 'docs-4.15' of git://git.lwn.net/linux: (52 commits)
      documentation: fb: update list of available compiled-in fonts
      MAINTAINERS: update DMAengine documentation location
      dmaengine: doc: ReSTize pxa_dma doc
      dmaengine: doc: ReSTize dmatest doc
      dmaengine: doc: ReSTize client API doc
      dmaengine: doc: ReSTize provider doc
      dmaengine: doc: Add ReST style dmaengine document
      ftrace/docs: Add documentation on how to use ftrace from within the kernel
      bug-hunting.rst: Fix an example and a typo in a Sphinx tag
      scripts: Add a script to find unused documentation
      samples: Convert timers to use timer_setup()
      documentation: kernel-api: add more info on bitmap functions
      Documentation: fix selftests related file refs
      Documentation: fix ref to power basic-pm-debugging
      Documentation: fix ref to trace stm content
      Documentation: fix ref to coccinelle content
      Documentation: fix ref to workqueue content
      Documentation: fix ref to sphinx/kerneldoc.py
      Documentation: fix locking rt-mutex doc refs
      docs: dev-tools: correct Coccinelle version number
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