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    Merge tag 'xfs-4.20-merge-2' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/fs/xfs/xfs-linux · c2aa1a44
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull vfs dedup fixes from Dave Chinner:
     "This reworks the vfs data cloning infrastructure.
      We discovered many issues with these interfaces late in the 4.19 cycle
      - the worst of them (data corruption, setuid stripping) were fixed for
      XFS in 4.19-rc8, but a larger rework of the infrastructure fixing all
      the problems was needed. That rework is the contents of this pull
      Rework the vfs_clone_file_range and vfs_dedupe_file_range
      infrastructure to use a common .remap_file_range method and supply
      generic bounds and sanity checking functions that are shared with the
      data write path. The current VFS infrastructure has problems with
      rlimit, LFS file sizes, file time stamps, maximum filesystem file
      sizes, stripping setuid bits, etc and so they are addressed in these
      We also introduce the ability for the ->remap_file_range methods to
      return short clones so that clones for vfs_copy_file_range() don't get
      rejected if the entire range can't be cloned. It also allows
      filesystems to sliently skip deduplication of partial EOF blocks if
      they are not capable of doing so without requiring errors to be thrown
      to userspace.
      Existing filesystems are converted to user the new remap_file_range
      method, and both XFS and ocfs2 are modified to make use of the new
      generic checking infrastructure"
    * tag 'xfs-4.20-merge-2' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/fs/xfs/xfs-linux: (28 commits)
      xfs: remove [cm]time update from reflink calls
      xfs: remove xfs_reflink_remap_range
      xfs: remove redundant remap partial EOF block checks
      xfs: support returning partial reflink results
      xfs: clean up xfs_reflink_remap_blocks call site
      xfs: fix pagecache truncation prior to reflink
      ocfs2: remove ocfs2_reflink_remap_range
      ocfs2: support partial clone range and dedupe range
      ocfs2: fix pagecache truncation prior to reflink
      ocfs2: truncate page cache for clone destination file before remapping
      vfs: clean up generic_remap_file_range_prep return value
      vfs: hide file range comparison function
      vfs: enable remap callers that can handle short operations
      vfs: plumb remap flags through the vfs dedupe functions
      vfs: plumb remap flags through the vfs clone functions
      vfs: make remap_file_range functions take and return bytes completed
      vfs: remap helper should update destination inode metadata
      vfs: pass remap flags to generic_remap_checks
      vfs: pass remap flags to generic_remap_file_range_prep
      vfs: combine the clone and dedupe into a single remap_file_range
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