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WIP: Add bundlechange App that takes care of customers upgrades and downgrades.

Changes included in this commit:

limitmonitor.common module:

  • Add billing_period to parse_subscription
  • Add get_variation, order_paid and cancel_subscription


  • Process pending_regs in reverse order
  • Add upgrade_user_subscription and process_bundle_changes


  • Add can_upgrade control


  • Add BundleChange app
  • Add new config variable for BundleChange


  • Rename DeleteAcccountForm for reuse
  • Add display names to AccountType
  • Move spinner animation into a single template in purist module for reuse

I have tested this in my test environment and is working but it will need thorough test in sandbox before going to production.

Things to consider:

  • This commit adds a new Model, so migration is needed.
  • 2 new configuration options are needed, if not added ldh_middleware will crash.
  • When upgrading/downgrading from/to 'Family pack' forced_update does not take care of the invitees accounts.

Giving it a WIP title in case we want to wait and add forced_update code for taking care of 'Family pack'.

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