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Remove this reference to a restricted repo. We'll blend it in with a restricted playbook.

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......@@ -57,22 +57,6 @@
extra_parameters: |
ProxyPassMatch ^/(.*\.php(/.*)?)$ "fcgi://"
- name: Clone the woocommerce subscription plugin and create zipfile
hosts: localhost
connection: local
- name: Git clone
dest: "{{ shipwright_box_config_home }}/nda_woocommerce_subscriptions"
version: master
accept_hostkey: yes
- name: Create zipfile
path: "{{ shipwright_box_config_home }}/nda_woocommerce_subscriptions/plugins/woocommerce-subscriptions/"
format: zip
dest: "{{ shipwright_box_config_home }}/"
- name: Clone the LDH username policy plugin for wordpress
hosts: localhost
connection: local
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