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    Merge branch 'tcg-next' of git://github.com/rth7680/qemu · 545825d4
    Aurelien Jarno authored
    * 'tcg-next' of git://github.com/rth7680/qemu: (29 commits)
      tcg-i386: Make use of zero-extended memory helper routines
      tcg: Introduce zero and sign-extended versions of load helpers
      exec: Split softmmu_defs.h
      target: Include softmmu_exec.h where forgotten
      exec: Rename USUFFIX to LSUFFIX
      tcg-i386: Don't perform GETPC adjustment in TCG code
      exec: Reorganize the GETRA/GETPC macros
      configure: Allow x32 as a host
      tcg-i386: Adjust tcg_out_tlb_load for x32
      tcg-i386: Use intptr_t appropriately
      tcg: Fix jit debug for x32
      tcg: Use appropriate types in tcg_reg_alloc_call
      tcg: Change tcg_out_ld/st offset to intptr_t
      tcg: Change tcg_gen_exit_tb argument to uintptr_t
      tcg: Use uintptr_t in TCGHelperInfo
      tcg: Change relocation offsets to intptr_t
      tcg: Change memory offsets to intptr_t
      tcg: Change frame pointer offsets to intptr_t
      tcg: Define TCG_ptr properly
      tcg: Define TCG_TYPE_PTR properly
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