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### Dependencies
See `.gitlab-ci.yml`.
See `.gitlab-ci.yml` or run `apt-get build-dep .`
### Build from git repo
$ git clone
$ cd squeekboard
$ mkdir ../build
$ meson ../build/
$ cd ../build
$ ninja test
$ ninja install
$ mkdir _build
$ meson _build/
$ cd _build
$ ninja
To run tests use `ninja test`. To install squeekboard run `ninja install`.
$ phoc # if no compatible Wayland compositor is running yet
$ cd ../build/
$ src/squeekboard
Squeekboard honors the gnome "screen-keyboard-enabled" setting. Either enable this through gnome-settings under accessibility or run:
$ gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.a11y.applications screen-keyboard-enabled true
To make the keyboard show you can use either an application that does so automatically, like a text editor or `python3 ./tests/`, or you can manually trigger it with:
busctl call --user sm.puri.OSK0 /sm/puri/OSK0 sm.puri.OSK0 SetVisible b true
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