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Add tests that validate the themes

With the code from feedbackd!94 (merged) we actually make sure that device themes load (instead of just checking the json):

meson test -v -C _build
1/7 oneplus,enchilada.json           OK              0.03s
2/7 oneplus,fajita.json              OK              0.03s
3/7 xiaomi,beryllium.json            OK              0.02s
4/7 pine64,pinephone.json            OK              0.48s
5/7 purism,librem5.json              OK              0.48s
6/7 pine64,pinephone-pro.json        OK              0.49s
7/7 samsung,midas.json               OK              0.49s

Draft until the feedbackd MR landed. We can enable the checks in CI once the package reached the distros.

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