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Add one more hub, confirm PDO observations

Double-checking the PDOs

As suggested, I used a USB-PD tester to double-check whether the TPS65982’s reports we’ve seen in the kernel trace logs are really true, and to rule out a fault on the TPS65982’s side.

The tester confirmed that affected hubs offer no more than 100mA at 5V, so let’s document that finding.

Also add one more hub, which has the same issue. This time, it’s a Ugreen unit.

PDO queries 2023-11-27: Ugreen hub

45W power supply (Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim)

(45W power supply queried directly)
Minimum PDO
I’d expect
(actual PDO)
Fixed PDO @ 5.0V 2.40A (12.0W) 1.50A (7.5W) 0.10A (0.5W) 😕
Fixed PDO @ 9.0V 3.00A (27.0W) 1.33A (12.0W) 1.33A (12.0W)
Fixed PDO @ 15.0V 3.00A (45.0W) 2.00A (30.0W) 2.00A (30.0W)
Fixed PDO @ 20.0V 2.25A (45.0W) 1.50A (30.0W) 1.50A (30.0W)
Max. power advertised 45.0W 30.0W 30.0W

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