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Update Librem 5 docs for phosh 0.20.0

Joao Azevedo requested to merge (removed):phosh-gestures into master

Done so far:

  • Quick tour page: update screenshots for phosh 0.20.0
  • Update text to mention swipe gestures in all pages
  • Update the image scale in the Quick Tour page page
  • Update images to phosh 0.20.0 in status page

To Do:

  • update all Virtual Keyboard images
  • finish replacing all phosh images with screenshots from phosh 0.20.0
  • making sure all the new screenshot sizes match the previous ones

Not sure if in the scope of this MR

- [ ] update screenshots from all apps to latest version

  • update images from mobile page because in one of them you still see the old monal dialog for PIN and old squeekboard

closes: #48 (closed)

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