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Improve Display configuration

Guido Gunther requested to merge guido.gunther/phosh:gcc-display-config into master

This makes display arrangement and single display mode work, also rotation and scaling.

TODO (mostly mechanical now):

  • bring back make/model/serial - v2 of output-mgmt supports it~ (allows fancier names)
  • fix rotation direction
  • fix g-c-c being out of sync after config update
  • use zwlr_output_configuration_v1_test in phosh_monitor_manager_apply_monitor_config to test config (can be follow up, phoc doesn't handle it anyway atm, lets fix phoc side first)
  • allow to set mode (can be follow up)
  • fix mirroring (can be follow up)

Closes: #416 (closed), #138 (closed), #140 (closed), #436 (closed)

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