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WIP: Allow to unfold keyboard to allow for non-numeric passwords

Guido Gunther requested to merge guido.gunther/phosh:keypad into master

Since this comes up ever so often this MR does:

  • add a keyboard button to the lock screen dial pad that unfolds the keyboard on press
  • allow arbitrary text input
  • hide keyboard when we time out and switch back to the lock screen

Design issues

  • does this fly at all?
  • should we hide the keypad with a revealer when the keyboard is folded out?
  • should the label change from passcode to passord ?

TODOs (mostly mechanical):

  • replace keypad-button by regular buttons
  • adjust d/copyright
  • add to docs
  • add keypad tests from libhandy too

/cc @tobias.bernard

Screenshot_from_2021-04-27_18-13-22 Screenshot_from_2021-04-27_18-13-32

Closes: #97

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