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Upstream as of 2f484537

This is basically the same as !24 (closed) but

  • not WIP
  • no non upstream commmits
  • test plan according to !24 (closed)
  • two commits more recent so we get the libav/ffmpeg build bug fix as well

Testing plan:

nitrogen board (with phosh at factor 2 scaling)

  • rotation
  • touch input
  • auto maximazation

amd64 (with phosh at scale == 1 and two outputs (LVDS and HDM1))

  • rotation
  • moving of surfaces between outputs
  • auto maximazation
  • xdg app switching
  • brighness control
  • nightlight
  • restarting phosh several times
  • running phosh against the unpatched wlroots
  • check rootston's power consumption using powertop (~15mW, peaks at ~70mW)

(note that touch input won't work out of the box due to

rootston-on-X at scale factor 2

  • auto maximization
  • xdg app switching

qemu (at scale == 2)

  • rotation
  • librem5 like geometry
Edited by Guido Gunther

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