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  • Feedback
    Issues concerning haptic (e.g. vibra), audio (e.g. ringtones) or visual (e.g. LEDs) feedback
  • adaptive
    Issues related to GTK app not being adaptive. Roughly: make them work on small screens with touch input) and large ones with keyboard/mouse
  • amber-phone
    issues found in amber-phone
  • amber-phone-staging
    Bugs only found in amber-phone-staging and older releases
  • audio
    Related to audio issues
  • batterylife
    Issues affecting long battery life
  • blocked
    Indicates that the issue is blocked by something that should be indicated in the comments.
  • broadmobi
    Relates to the BroadMobi BM818 modem
  • byzantium
    Issues that only affect / matter on byzantium
  • byzantium-default
    Bugs blocking making byzantium the default
  • camera
  • convergence
    Issues relate to making the stack convergent (kernel, shell, mesa, gcc), ... - see also 'adaptive' label