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    Revert "Upgrade Paperclip to version 6.0.0" (#6807) · 40871caa
    Eugen Rochko authored
    * Revert "Bump version to 2.3.2rc1"
    This reverts commit cdf8b92f.
    * Revert "Downgrade Dockerfile to Ruby 2.4.3 on Alpine 3.6 (#6806)"
    This reverts commit 0074cad4.
    * Revert "Handle Mastodon::HostValidationError when pulling remoteable assets (#6782)"
    This reverts commit 4a0a19fe.
    * Revert "Correct the reference to user's password in mastodon:add_user task (#6800)"
    This reverts commit 338bff8b.
    * Revert "Upgrade Paperclip to version 6.0.0 (#6754)"
    This reverts commit b88fcd53.
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