Bifröst - Liberty-Debian bridge

Bifröst - Liberty-Debian bridge

Packaging Liberty projects to meet long-term Debian standards.

Bifröst - Liberty packaging

This project is an overview of high-quality, long-term packaging tasks for Liberty projects and their dependencies. Debian BTS is the source of truth for actual task progress. For PureOS-only tasks, the PureOS tracker is considered the source of truth.

Bifröst pipeline  >  pristine  >  Debian  >  PureOS       > "apt install
                   tarball      testing    next-stable     liberty-package"

Changes made to meet packaging requirements should feed back into the codebase, so that they can be promptly incorporated into the corresponding rapid release and/or vendorized bundle.

Package summary

This summary may get out of sync. Treat Debian BTS as the source of truth.


Status: available in PureOS byzantium

tracker | debian | pureos


Status: awaits packaging of upstream project Mastodon, and reverse dependencies in JavaScript and maturing of JavaScript build helper tool ESLint

tracker | debian (pending) | pureos (pending)

Other packages


Status: awaits packaging of reverse dependency nio and maturing of reverse dependency m2r

tracker | debian (pending) | pureos (pending)

Abandoned packages

  • None

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Examples of PureOS packaging work

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