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  • v0.0.11   libhandy 0.0.11
    f5909a89 · Release libhandy 0.0.11 ·

    [ Adrien Plazas ]

    • dialer: Work around GtkGrid row homogeneity. Puts the buttons into a vertical size group rather than making the rows homogeneous. This prevents a bug from GtkGrid to make the buttons too tall when the action buttons are hidden.
    • dialog: Don't warn if the titlebar isn't a GtkHeaderBar. Using another widget is perfectly valid, so we should just return instead.
    • dialog: Refactor the transient-for workaround. This will make introducing new properties simpler.
    • dialog: Add the narrow property.
    • header-bar: Show a back button in a narrow HdyDialog. If a header bar is in a narrow HdyDialog, it will display a back button at its start in place of its usual window decorations.
    • examples: Add a complex HdyDialog example. This shows how to use HdyHeaderBar and HdyDialog to create a more complex adaptive dialog.
    • header-bar: Show a back button on small non-sovereign windows. This will show the back button not only in small HdyDialog but in all small windows that are not sovereign.
    • meson: Set the log domain. This makes the log messages from libhandy look like Handy-Debug: … rather than ** Debug: …, making them easier to distinguish.
    • README.md: Update the documentation URL. It's on the developer.puri.sm now.
    • Add animation helpers. Add various animation helpers to avoid coyping them around.
    • squeezer: Support animation disablement. This will animate the child transitions only if animations are enabled.
    • preferences-group: Use the h4 style class. Use the h4 style class instead of hardcoding the bold style for the preferences group title, and implement a fallback making the font bold. This is needed by elementary to use their own style.
    • animation: Make some functions public. This makes hdy_get_enable_animations() and hdy_ease_out_cubic() public.
    • view-switcher-button: Don't make transparent on hover. This doesn't make the background transparent when hovering and apply the same style as non-hovered buttons on hovered buttons in a headerbar.

    [ Gabriele Musco ]

    • Added Unifydmin to Python 3 examples
    • Add HydraPaper to Python 3 examples

    [ Ting-Wei Lan ]

    • Don't require GNU sed

    [ Jeremy Bicha ]

    • Debian packaging improvements

    [ Guido Günther ]

    • debian: Ship example program and files
    • Release libhandy 0.0.11

    [ Alexander Mikhaylenko ]

    • search-bar: Hide start and end boxes instead of close button.
    • glade: Update catalog dtd.
    • Add new HdySwipeTracker widget. This will be used to implement swipes in new widgets.
    • Add new HdyPaginator widget. Display set of pages with swipe based navigation.

    [ David Boddie ]

    • Deploy documentation for the master branch

    [ Michael Catanzaro ]

    • glade: Don't install glade files outside build prefix.
  • v0.0.10   libhandy 0.0.10
    2d777677 · Release libhandy 0.0.10 ·

    [ Adrien Plazas ]

    • .editorconfig: Add CSS
    • arrows: Refresh HdyArrowsDirection docs. This moves the HdyArrowsDirection documentation to the C file and removes the final period from the values definitions, like for all other enums documentations.
    • docs: Add section for new symbols in 0.0.10
    • view-switcher: Fix stack children callbacks. This fixes the callbacks when a child is added or removed from the view switcher's stack.
    • view-switcher-button: Make an active button's label bold. This makes the view switcher easier to read. It uses multiple labels with or without the specific style rather than a single label with the style toggled on and off to ensure the size requests don't change depending on whether the button is active or not.
    • leaflet: Synchronize paired notifications. This ensures users can't react to a visible child change notification or a fold change notification before we finish emitting all related notifications.
    • Add HdySqueezer. This can be used to automatically hide a widget like a HdyViewSwitcher in a header bar when there is not enough space for it and show a title label instead. Fixes #100
    • examples: Use a HdySqueezer. Use a HdySqueezer in the view switcher window to show either the view switcher in the header bar, or a window title and a view switcher bar depending on the window's width.
    • view-switcher-button: Allow to elipsize in narrow mode. This will be used to let HdyViewSwitcherBar reach even narrower widths.
    • view-switcher: Allow to elipsize in narrow mode. This will be used to let HdyViewSwitcherBar reach even narrower widths.
    • view-switcher-bar: Ellipsize in narrow mode. This lets HdyViewSwitcherBar reach even narrower widths.
    • view-switcher-button: Use buttons borders in size. When computing the size of the button, take the button's border into account. Fixes #108
    • view-switcher-bar: Sort properties by alphabetical order. This fixes a code style error and will avoid to propagate it as the file gets edited.
    • view-switcher-bar: Add margins. Add margings around the view switcher to better match the mockups.
    • view-switcher: Define a minimum natural width. This prevents the buttons from looking terribly narrow in a wide bar by making them request a minimum good looking natural size.
    • Add HdyPreferencesRow. This will be used as the base row for the preferences window, offering data needed to search a preference entry.
    • action-row: Extend HdyPreferencesRow. This allows to use HdyActionRow and its derivatives as preferences rows.
    • Add HdyPreferencesGroup. This will be used to group preferences rows as a coherent group in a preferences page.
    • Add HdyPreferencesPage. This will be used to group preferences as pages in a preferences window.
    • Add HdyPreferencesWindow. This allows to easily create searchable preferences windows. Fixes #101
    • examples: Add a HdyPreferencesWindow example
    • Add private GtkWindow functions. Add the private GtkWindow functions _gtk_window_toggle_maximized() and gtk_window_get_icon_for_size() which will be used in the next commit by HdyHeaderBar.
    • Add HdyHeaderBar. Fork GtkHeaderBar to help fixing shortcomings caused by adaptive designs or coming from GtkHeaderBar itself as features are not accepted into GTK 3 anymore. Fixes #102
    • examples: Use HdyHeaderBar in the View Switcher page. This correctly centers the view switcher and demoes HdyHeaderBar.
    • view-switcher: Recommend to use a HdyHeaderBar. This will help users of HdyViewSwitcher to know how to make it look good in a header bar.
    • examples: Drop un unused signal connection. This avoids a run time warning.
    • docs: Add images for HdyViewSwitcher and HdyViewSwitcherBar
    • preferences-window: Strictly center the header bar. This makes the header bar's widgets look better by ensuring they are always centered, even if it means they will be narrower.
    • conbo-row: Make the popover relative to the arrow. Consistently point to the arrow rather than sometimes to the arrow and sometimes to the invisible box containing the current value.
    • combo-row: Add HdyComboRowGetName. Replace HdyComboRowCreateLabelData by HdyComboRowGetName and keep a reference to in the combo row to allow accessing it externally. It will be needed to automatically handle converting the value into a name to display as the subtitle of the row.
    • combo-row: Add the use-subtitle property. Allow to display the current value as the subtitle rather than at the end of the row. Fixes #95
    • header-bar: Render margins and borders. Fixes #121

    [ Zander Brown ]

    • Add HdyViewSwitcherButton. This will be used in the next commit by HdyViewSwitcher.
    • Add HdyViewSwitcher. This more modern and adaptive take on GtkStackSwitcher helps building adaptive UIs for phones. Fixes #64
    • Add HdyViewSwitcherBar. This action bar offers a HdyViewSwitcher and is designed to be put at the bottom of windows. It is designed to be revealed when the header bar doesn't have enough room to fit a HdyViewSwitcher, helping the windows to reach narrower widths.
    • examples: Add the View Switcher page. This example presents a HdyViewSwitcher and a HdyViewSwitcherBar in their own window. Currently both are visible at the same time, a later commit should make only one visible at a time, depending on the available width.

    [ Aearil ]

    • Update components list for the external projects in the README

    [ Mohammed Sadiq ]

    • dialog: Fix typos in documentation
    • demo-window: Fix typo in property name

    [ Oliver Galvin ]

    • Change GTK+ to GTK
    • Fix a few typos and grammatical mistakes
    • Expand the visual overview. Add more widgets and a comparison of HdyDialog

    [ Guido Günther ]

    • Release libhandy 0.0.10
    • HACKING:
      • Properly end emphasis
      • Document extra space after function calls
    • ci improvements
      • Split doc build to different stage
      • Split out unit tests to different stage
      • Drop coverage on Fedora. It's not evaulated anyway
      • Split out build commands
      • Drop tests from static build
      • Move Debian package to packaging stage
    • gitlab-ci: Archive the build debs
    • HdyArrows:
      • Fix obvious documentation errors
      • Only redraw widget if visible
      • Don't emit notify signals on unchanged properties
      • Redraw arrows on property changes
    • HdyDemoWindow: Don't schedule arrow redraws
    • Add suppression for ASAN
    • tests-dialer: cleanups
    • HdyDialer: Make show_action_buttons match the initial property default
  • v0.0.9   libhandy 0.0.9
    56b0aa62 · Release libhandy 0.0.9 ·

    libhandy (0.0.9) experimental; urgency=medium

    [ Benjamin Berg ]

    • glade: Mark ActionRow properties as translatable/icon. Without this, it is impossible to set the translatable flag in glade, making it hard to create proper UI definitions.

    [ Bastien Nocera ]

    • Use correct i18n include. From the Internationalization section of the GLib API docs: In order to use these macros in an application, you must include <glib/gi18n.h>. For use in a library, you must include <glib/gi18n-lib.h> after defining the GETTEXT_PACKAGE macro suitably for your library
    • Fix broken translations in all libhandy applications. Translations in all the applications using libhandy would be broken after a call to hdy_init() as it changed the default gettext translation domain. See https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-control-center/issues/393

    [ Adrien Plazas ]

    • examples: Update the Flatpak command. The command should changed with the demo application name.
    • leaflet: Improve the slide child transition description. This makes the slide child transition description match the one of the slide mode transition one.
    • action-row: Upcast self to check the activated row. Upcast the HdyActionRow rather than downcasting the activated row to compare their pointers. This prevents error messages when a sibbling row that isn't a HdyActionRow is activated. Also use a simple cast rather than a safe cast as it is there only to please the compiler and is useless for a pointer comparison and it's faster.
    • Drop 'dialer' from the UI resources path. This makes the UI file paths more correct and simpler.
    • leaflet: Add hdy_leaflet_stop_child_transition() This makes the code clearer by encapsulating child mode transition cancellation into its own function.
    • leaflet: Factorize bin window move and resize. This ensures we move or resize it consistently.
    • leaflet: Move the bin window on child transition cancellation. This avoids the children to be drawn out of place when a mode transition is triggered while a child transition was ongoing. Fixes #93
    • Add HDY_STYLE_PROVIDER_PRIORITY. Add and use HDY_STYLE_PROVIDER_PRIORITY to help ensuring custom styling is applied consistently and correctly accross all the library.
    • expander-row: Move the custom style to a resource. This makes the code cleaner, easier to read, and simnpler to modify.
    • combo-row: Move the custom style to a resource. This makes the code cleaner, easier to read, and simnpler to modify.
    • expander-row: Add the expanded property. This can be used to reveal external widgets depending on the state of the row.

    [ Guido Günther ]

    • debian: Test GObject introspection. This makes sure we have the typelib file installed correctly.
    • debian/tests: Drop API version from include. This makes sure we respect pkg-config's findings.
    • examples: Add API version to demo name. This makes different versions co-installable.
    • build: Don't hardcode API version
    • Release libhandy 0.0.9

    -- Guido Günther agx@sigxcpu.org Thu, 07 Mar 2019 12:37:34 +0100

  • v0.0.8   libhandy 0.0.8
    3721b490 · Release libhandy 0.0.8 ·

    libhandy (0.0.8) experimental; urgency=medium

    [ Adrien Plazas ]

    • examples: Use the "frame" stylesheet on listboxes. This avoids using GtkFrame where it's not relevant and shows the example.
    • examples: Refactor the Dialer panel. This makes it more in line with the other panels.
    • examples: Refactor the Arrows panel. This makes it more in line with the other panels.
    • examples: Fix the Lists panel column width. We were accidentally using the widths from the Column panel.
    • examples: Fix a typo
    • action-row: Add the row-header style class to the header box. This will allow to style the row's header separately.
    • expander-row: Add the expander style class. This will allow to style the row's padding appropriately to be used as an expander.
    • README.md: Add GNOME Settings and GNOME Web to users
    • meson: Don't install if it's a static subproject
    • title-bar: Drop useless definitions and inclusions. These were copy and paste errors.
    • README.md: Add gnome-bluetooth as a user
    • examples: Rename the example program to handy-demo. This also renames the type and files to match the new name. Fixes #81
    • meson: Fix the examples option description. Fixes #82
    • expander-row: Animate the arrow rotation. Because we can!
    • leaflet: Support RTL languages when unfolded. Fixes #86

    [ Benjamin Berg ]

    • Add -s -noreset to xvfb-run calls. Xvfb will close when the last client exists, which may be the cause of sporadic test failures. Add -s -noreset to the command line to prevent this from happening.
    • combo-row: Fix memory leak g_list_model_get_item returns a referenced GObject which needs to be unref'ed.
    • combo-row: Fix memory leak in set_for_enum
    • value-object: Add an object to stuff a GValue into a GListModel. This is useful to store arbitrary (but simple) values inside a HdyComboRow.
    • example: Use value object rather. The code was storing strings in labels, just to extract them again. Also, the code was leaking the labels as g_list_store_insert does not sink the reference of the passed object.
    • tests: Add tests for HdyValueObject
    • action-row: Destroy the contained widget. The GtkBox that contains everything is an internal child which must be destroyed explicitly.

    [ Guido Günther ]

    • run.in: Set GLADE_MODULE_SEARCH_PATH as well. This makes sure we're using the freshly built module when running from the source tree.
    • Release libhandy 0.0.8

    [ Pellegrino Prevete ]

    • README: added Daty to example apps
    • build: Force default libdir location for libhandy target on Windows to keep MinGW compatibility

    [ Alexander Mikhaylenko ]

    • leaflet: Add missing check for moving child window. Prevent child window from moving in transitions that don't require it, instead just resize it. Fixes #80
    • leaflet: Drop commented out 'under' child transition. It's going to be replaced with the actual implementation in the next commit.
    • leaflet: Make 'over' child transition symmetric. Implement 'under' child transition animation, use it for 'over' for right and down directions, matching 'over' description. Fixes #79
    • leaflet: Add 'under' child transition. Use same animations as 'over', but with reversed directions. Documentation descriptions by Adrien Plazas. Fixes #84
    • leaflet: Clip bottom child during child transitions. Prevents bottom child from being visible through the top one during 'over' and 'under' child transitions.

    [ maxice8 ]

    • meson: pass -DHANDY_COMPILATION to GIR compiler. Fixes cross compilation of GIR in Void Linux.
  • v0.0.7   libhandy 0.0.7
    fac9fa59 · Release libhandy 0.0.7 ·

    [ Adrien Plazas ]

    • glade: Add row widgets to the widget classes. They are missing and don't appear in Glade.
    • glade: Add that HdySearchBar. It's in libhandy since 0.0.6
    • action-row: Handle show_all() This avoids an empty image, an empty subtitle and an empty prefixes box to be visible when calling show_all(), as they are handled by the row itself.
    • action-row: Add the Since annotation to properties
    • example: Make the row with no action non-activatable
    • tests: Init libhandy. This ensures we run the test the same way applications are expected to run libhandy.
    • docs: Add section for new symbols in 0.0.7
    • action-row: Add the activatable-widget property. This allows to bind the activation of the row by a click or a mnemonic to the activation of a widget.
    • action-row: Chain up the parent dispose method
    • combo-row: Release the model on dispose. This avoids errors when trying to disconnect signals on finalization.
    • combo-box: Rename selected_position to selecxted_index. This will better match the name for its accessors which will be added in the next commit.
    • combo-row: Add the selected-index property. This allows to access the selected item.
    • main: Explicitely load the resources in hdy_init() This is mandatory to use resources of a static version of libhandy, and is hence mandatory to allow to build libhandy as a static library.
    • meson: Bump Meson to 0.47.0. This is required to use the feature option type in the next commit.
    • meson: Make introspection and the Glade catalog features. This avoids having to disable them when their dependencies aren't available and it will allow to disable them properly when libhandy will be allowed to be built as a static library in the next commit.
    • meson: Allow to build as a static library. This also disables the Glade catalog as it doesn't work with a static libhandy.
    • action-row: Drop pointers to internals on destruction. This avoids crashes when trying to access pointers to already dropped widgets. Fixes #69
    • expander-row: Drop pointers to internals on destruction. This avoids crashes when trying to access pointers to already dropped widgets. Fixes #69
    • examples: Make the Dialog section look nicer. This improves the spacing, adds and icon and adds a description to the Dialog section.
    • dialog: Close when pressing the back button. Close the dialog instead of destroying it when clicking the back button. This is the same behavior as when pressing escape or clicking the close button and allows the dialog to be reused as some applications like to do. Fixes #70

    [ louib ]

    • Add GNOME Contacts as example

    [ Guido Günther ]

    • HdyComboRow: Don't use g_autoptr for GEnumClass g_autoptr for GEnumClass was added post 2.56, so using it makes it harder for people to package for distros. Not using g_autoptr there doesn't make the code much less readable.
    • HdyDialer: Don't use class method slot for 'delete' We used the one of 'submit' so far due to a c'n'p error. (Closes: #67)
    • HdyComboRow: hdy_combo_row_get_model: Add missing scope annotation
    • gitlab-ci: Build static library. The library build is sufficiently different that we want to run the build and tests.
    • Release libhandy 0.0.7

    [ David Cordero ]

    • Update documentation regarding build dependencies

    [ Zander Brown ]

    • Implement HdyDialog, an adaptive GtkDialog #52
    • example: Add to example application. Silly simple demo of HdyDialog.

    [ Benjamin Berg ]

    • combo-row: Rework selected-index property setting and notification. The notify::selected-index signal was not selected in most cases. Rework the selection handling to ensure that it is always emited when it changes or if the module is replaced. Also fixed are a few checks on whether the selection index is valid.
  • v0.0.6   libhandy 0.0.6
    cfb1326f · Release libhandy 0.0.6 ·

    [ Adrien Plazas ]

    • Set relevant ATK roles. This will help the widgets to be more accessible.
    • doc: Rephrase the unstability ack section. Rephrase the documentation explaining how to include libhandy in a way that could include other languages such as Vala.
    • doc: Document the unstability ack for Vala
    • Guard header inclusions with #pragma once. This standardizes the header inclusion guards to #pragma once, which shouldn't be a problem as we already were using it in some files.
    • hacking: Document header inclusion guard preferences
    • example: Disable more libhandy options in Flatpak. Disable generation of the GObject Introspection files, the VAPI and the tests in the example Flatpak as they are not used by it.
    • arrow: Use a measure() method. This will simplify porting to GTK+ 4.
    • column: Use a measure() method. This will simplify porting to GTK+ 4.
    • dialer-button: Use a measure() method. This will simplify porting to GTK+ 4.
    • leaflet: Use a measure() method. This will simplify porting to GTK+ 4.
    • init: Make the arguments optional. Annotate the arguments of hdy_init() with (optional) to specify that NULL arguments are valid. This also replaces the deprecated (allow-none) by (nullable) to specify that the array pointed at by argv can be NULL.
    • init: Document that libhandy can't be reinitialized
    • Normalize and document private header guards
    • Add HdySearchBar. This is similar to GtkSearchBar except it allows the central widget (typically a GtkEntry) to fill all the available space. This is needed to manage an entry's width via a HdyColumn, letting the entry (and by extention the search bar) have a limited maximum width while allowing it to shrink to accomodate smaller windows.
    • example: Add the 'Search bar' page. This adds a demo of HdySearchBar.
    • example: Put the content in a scrolled window. This ensures the example can fit windows of any height. This also makes the stack containing the content non vertically homogeneous so the scrollbar appears only on examples needing it, while keeping it horizontally homogeneous for to keep when the leaflets will be folded consistent.
    • build: Set the shared object install directory. This is required for Meson subprojects to work as intended.
    • build: Do not install hdy-public-types.c. There is no point in installing this generated C file.
    • leaflet: Allow editing the children list when looping through it. This avoids potential crashes when destroying a leaflet and this avoids leaks as not all children where looped through as the children list was edited while being looped through when destroying the leaflet. This fixes #42.
    • Add hdy_list_box_separator_header() This list box header update function is commonly used by many applications and is going to be used by HdyComboRow which is going to be added to libhandy later.This makes it available for everyone.
    • examples: Use hdy_list_box_separator_header() This makes the code simpler.
    • Add HdyActionRow. This implements a very commonly used list box row pattern and make it convenient to use. It is going to be used as the base class for many other commonly used row types.
    • examples: Use HdyRow. This makes the code simpler and demoes the widget.
    • Add HdyExpanderRow
    • Add HdyEnumValueObject. This will be used in the next commit to use enumeration values in a GListModel.
    • Add HdyComboRow
    • examples: Add the Lists page. This page presents GtkListBox related widgets like HdyRow and its descendants.
    • examples: Put the scrolled window in the end pane size group. This fixes the fold synchronization of the leaflets in the example application's window.

    [ Guido Günther ]

    • hdy-enums: Make build reproducible. Use @basename@ instead of @filename@ since the later uses the full path which varies across builds.
    • HACKING: Clarify braces in if-else. Document common practice in the other files.
    • spec: Sort dependencies
    • spec: Build-depend on libgladeui-2.0
    • gitlab-ci: Deduplicate tags
    • gitlab-ci: Build on Fedora as well. This gives us more confidence that we build succesfully and without warnings on an OS much used by GNOME developers. It also makes sure we validate the spec file.
    • gitlab-ci: Switch to clang-tools clang-3.9 does not contain scan-build anymore.
    • HdyHeaderGroup: Cleanup references to header bars in dispose. The dispose heandler is meant to break refs to other objects, not finalize.
    • HdyHeaderGroup: Disconnect from header bar's signals during dispose. The header bars might still emit signals which leads to CRITICALS or actual crashes. Fixes parts of #56
    • docs: Add section for new symbols in 0.0.6
    • Annotate APIs new in 0.0.6
    • Release libhandy 0.0.6

    [ Alexander Mikhaylenko ]

    • init: Add (transfer none) to argv parameter. This allows to call the function from Vala more easily.
    • header-group: Ref itself instead of header bars. When adding a header bar, ref the header group and connect to 'destroy' signal of the header bar. When a header bar is destroyed or hdy_header_group_remove_header_bar() is called, unref the header bar and remove it from the list. This way, a non-empty header group is only destroyed after every header bar it contains has been removed from the group or destroyed. Fixes #56
    • Revert "HdyHeaderGroup: Disconnect from header bar's signals during dispose" Since commit c5bf27d4 header bars are destroyed before header group, so when destroying the header group, the list of header bars is always empty, so there's nothing to unref anymore. Reverts commit 14e5fc7b.

    [ tallero ]

    • build: Don't use -fstack-protector-strong on mingw64. This unbreaks compilation on that platform. (Closes: #64)
  • v0.0.5   libhandy 0.0.5
    9c99704e · Release libhandy 0.0.5 ·

    [ Guido Günther ]

    • Release libhandy 0.0.5
    • meson: Properly depend on the generated headers. This fixes dependency problems with the generated headers such as https://arm01.puri.sm/job/debs/job/deb-libhandy-buster-armhf/263/console See http://mesonbuild.com/Wrap-best-practices-and-tips.html#eclare-generated-headers-explicitly
    • debian: Make sure we create a strict shlibs file libhandy's ABI changes a lot so make sure we generate dependencies that always require the upstream version built against.
    • debian: Mark buil-deps for tests as <!nocheck>
    • gitlab-ci: Deduplicate before_script
    • gitlab-ci: Build with clang (scan-build) as well. We currently don't fail on warnings: https://github.com/mesonbuild/meson/issues/4334
    • HdyLeaflet: Remove unused initializations spotted by clang
    • doc: Add that virtual methods carry the class prefix (Closes: #53)
    • docs: Add libhandy users. This allows to find in uses examples easily.
    • docs: Mention meson as well. Fewer and fewer GNOME projects use autotools.
    • docs: Drop package_ver_str from include path. We add this in the pkg-config file so no need to specify it again.
    • Add i18n infrastructure
    • Add hdy_init() This initializes i18n. (Closes: #36)
    • meson: Depend on glib that supports g_auto*. Related to #33
    • HACKING: document using g_auto* is o.k. (Closes: #33)
    • HACKING: Use syntax highlighting.
    • Drop Jenkinsfile. We run in gitlab-ci now
    • build: Detect if ld supports a version script. This is e.g. not the case for Clang on OSX. (Closes: #58)

    [ Jeremy Bicha ]

    • debian: Have libhandy-0.0-dev depend on libgtk-3-dev (Closes: #910384)
    • debian: Use dh --with gir so that gir1.2-handy gets its dependencies set correctly
    • debian: Simplify debian/rules.

    [ Adrien Plazas ]

    • example: Drop Glade support in flatpak build.
    • main: Init public GObject types in hdy_init() This will avoid our users to manually ensure libhandy widget types are loaded before using them in GtkBuilder templates. Fixes #20
    • dialer: Descend from GtkBin directly. Makes HdyDialer descend from GtkBin directly rather than from GtkEventBox. GtkEventBox will be dropped in GTK+ 4 and brings no functionality to HdyDialer.
    • example: Rename margin-left/right to margin-start/end. Left and right margin names are not RTL friendly and will be dropped in GTK+ 4.
    • HACKING.md: Rename margin-left to margin-start. Left and right margin names are not RTL friendly and will be dropped in GTK+ 4.
    • titlebar: Fix a mention of HdyLeaflet in the docs
    • example: Do not access event fields. This is needed to port to GTK+ 4 as these fields will be private.
    • dialer: Do not access event fields. This is needed to port to GTK+ 4 as these fields will be private.

    [ Alexander Mikhaylenko ]

    • example: Remove styles present in GTK+ 3.24.1. Libhandy requires gtk+-3.0 >= 3.24.1 anyway, so these styles aren't necessary, and also break upstream .devel style.

    [ Jan Tojnar ]

    • Use pkg-config for obtaining glade catalogdir
  • v0.0.4   libhandy 0.0.4
    a4517da7 · Release 0.0.4 ·

    [ Mohammed Sadiq ]

    • dialer-button: Fix emitting signal. As the properties where set to not explicitly fire ::notify, no signals where emitted. Let it be not explicit so that the signal will be emitted on change
    • ci: Enable code coverage. GitLab pages isn't supported now. So simply store the artifacts.
    • README: Add build and coverage status images
    • dialer: Handle delete button long press. Make the delete button clear the whole user input on long press

    [ Alexander Mikhaylenko ]

    • example: Remove sidebar border less aggressively. Applying the style to every element inside 'stacksidebar' also removes border from unrelated elements such as scrollbars. Hence only remove it from lists.

    [ Adrien Plazas ]

    • leaflet: Add the folded property. This is a boolean equivalent of the fold property, it is a needed convenience as is can be used in GtkBuilder declarations while the fold property is more convenient to use from C as it enables stronger typing.
    • example: Bind back and close buttons visibility to fold. Directly bind whether the back button and the close button are visible to whether the headerbar is folded.
    • Add HdyHeaderGroup
    • example: Use a HdyHeaderGroup. This automatically updates the headerbars' window decoration layout.
    • dialer-button: Replace digit and letters by symbols. Unify the digit and the letters of a dialer button as its symbols. This allows to make the code simpler by limiting the number of special cases. digit. This also handles Unicode characters.
    • dialer-cycle-button: Don't make the secondary label dim. This helps making it clear that these symbols are available, contrary to the dim ones from a regular dialer button.
    • dialer-button: Make the secondary label smaller. Makes the secondary text smaller to better match the mockups for Calls.
    • Add CSS names to the widgets
    • leaflet: Document the fold and folded properties
    • dialer: Set buttons checked instead setting relief. When digit keys are pressed, check the buttons state to checked rather than changing the relief.
    • dialer: Add the relief property. This allows to set the relief of the dialer buttons.
    • header-group: Drop forgotten log. This was accidentally left in. Fixes #47
    • example: Let the Column panel reach narrower widths. Readjust the column widget's margins and ellipsize its labels to let it reach narrower widths.
    • example: Separate the listbox items
    • example: Let the Dialer panel reach narrower widths. Put the dialer into a column rather than forcing its width to let it reach narrower widths.
    • example: Enlarge the dialer label. This makes the dialed number more readable.
    • example: Let the Welcome panel reach narrower widths. Let the welcome panel's labels wrap to let it reach narrower widths.
    • header-group: Sanitize the decoration layout. Checks whether the decoration layout is NULL, empty or has at least one colon. Fixes #44
    • header-group: Better handle references of header bars. Take a reference when adding a header bar, release them on destruction and don't take extra references on the focused child. This avoids using pointers to dead header bars or to leak them.
    • header-group: Fix the type of the focus property. This also fixes the types of the accessor functions. Fixes #46
    • header-group: Fix the docs of the focus property. This also improves the documentation of its accessor functions.
    • header-group: Guard the focused header bar setter. Better guard the focused header bar setter by checking that the set header bar actually is one and is part of the group.
    • meson: Require GTK+ 3.24.1 or newer. GTK+ 3.24.1 received style fixes required for HdyTitleBar to work as expected.

    [ Felix Pojtinger ]

    • docs: Format README to enable syntax highlighting. This also adds code fences and blanks around headers.

    [ Guido Günther ]

    • Depend on generated headers. If tests or examples are built early we want that hdy-enums.h is alread there.
    • docs: Add HdyFold. This makes sure it can be linked to by HdyLeaflet.
    • HdyLealflet: Use glib-mkenums. This makes the enums clickable in the HdyLeaflet documentation and makes the code smaller.
    • HdyFold: Use glib-mkenums. This makes the enums clickable in the HdyLeaflet documentation, HdyFold usable in GtkBuild and makes the code smaller.
    • HdyHeaderGroup: Document hdy_group_set_focus() This makes newer newer Gir scanner happy (and is a good thing anyway).
    • debian: Update shared library symbols
    • d/rules: Set a proper locale for the tests.
    • Check the debian package build during CI as well. This make sure we notice build breackage before it hits Jenkins to build the official debs.
    • ci: Fail on gtkdoc warnings. Gitlab seems to get confused by the '!' expression so use if instead.
    • tests: Test hdy_header_group_{get,set}_focus
    • HdyDialer: Apply 'keypad' style class. This applies the 'keypad' style class to both the keypad itself and its buttons. This allows to style the buttons and the keypad in the application.
    • glade: Verify catalog data via xmllint
    • debian: Add dependenies for running xmllint. This also makes sure we have it available during CI
    • HdyHeaderGroup: Allow to get and remove the headerbars
    • debian: Add new symbols
    • glade: Add a module so we can handle HdyHeaderGroup
    • run: Add glade lib to LD_LIBRARY_PATH. This makes it simple to test the built version.
    • Move glade catalog from data/ to glade/ Given that there will be more complex widgets lets keep the catalog and module together.
    • glade: Use a custom DTD. Glades DTD is not up to date. Use a custom copy until this is fixed upstream: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/glade/merge_requests/11 We do this as a separate commit so we can revert it once upstream glade is fixed.
    • glade: Support HdyHeaderGroup (Closes: #38)
    • debian: Ship glade module
  • v0.0.3   libhandy 0.0.3
    6aa4813e · Bump version to 0.0.3 ·

    [ Adrien Plazas ]

    • New HdyTitleBar widget. This coupled with a transparent headerbar background can work around graphical glitches when animation header bars in a leaflet.
    • column: Add the linear-growth-width property
    • glade: Fix the generic name of HdyArrows
    • flatpak: Switch the runtime of the example to master.
    • column: Add a missing break statement.
    • leaflet: Hide children on transition end only when folded.
    • leaflet: Init mode transition positions to the final values.
    • example: Always show a close button.
    • example: Load custom style from CSS resource
    • example: Draw the right color for sidebar separators.
    • example: Use separators to separate the panels.
    • leaflet: Start the child transition only when folded.

    [ Christopher Davis ]

    • Add HdyColumn to libhandy.xml for glade.

    [ Heather Ellsworth ]

    • Add issue template

    [ Jordan Petridis ]

    • leaflet: initialize a variable.

    [ Guido Günther ]

    • HdyButton: Chain up to parent on finalize
    • gitlab-ci: Fail on compile warnings
    • meson: Warn about possible uninitialized variables
    • HdyLeaflet: Fix two uninitialized variables
    • Update list of compiler warnings from phosh and fix the fallout.
  • v0.0.2   libhandy 0.0.2
    7dd596fe · Bump version to 0.0.2 ·

    Bug fixes all over the place. See changelog for details.

  • v0.0.1   libhandy 0.0.1
    6b34695a · Bump version to 0.0.1 ·

    First release snapshot containing

    • HdyColumn
    • HdyLeafleet
    • HdyDialer
    • HdyAarrow

    widgets. See http://honk.sigxcpu.org/projects/libhandy/doc/index.html for Documentation.