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  • v0.0.2   phosh v0.0.2

    phosh (0.0.2) purple; urgency=medium

    [ Guido Günther ]

    • Update translations from zanata
    • home: Add keyboard button. Add a keyboard button to the home buttons bar. This will allow to unfold the OSK.
    • monitor-manager: Use output names. This allows us to give the monitors more meaningful names instead of made up numbers and to correctly identify built in displays.
    • shell: Move panels on primary monitor change. When a new primary monitor is set move the panels around. This also fixes the home panel not being disposed.
    • system-prompter: Pass on the wl_output and not the monitor to new prompters. This makes sure they always end up on the primary monitor.
    • Add basic org.gnome.Mutter.Idle DBus protocol support. This allows e.g. g-s-d power to track our idle time for e.g. dimming the display.
    • LockscreenManager: Rely on gnome-session for idle detection. This makes us properly respect idle inhibitors e.g. when watching movies.
    • Favorites: Drop weston terminal. Don't hardcode weston terminal anymore since gnome-terminal now also on the dev boards.
    • Settings menu: Add shutdown button

    [ David Boddie ]

    • Updated Debian package dependencies and .ini file location.

    -- Guido Günther agx@sigxcpu.org Sat, 01 Dec 2018 17:59:07 +0100

  • v0.0.1   phosh v0.0.1
    d5310f61 · Release v0.0.1 ·

    First experimental release. Features

    • a lockscreen
    • brightness control and nightlight
    • the gcr system-prompter interface
    • enough of org.gnome.Mutter.DisplayConfig to make gnome-settings-daemon happy
    • a homebutton that toggles a simple favorites menu and app switcher
    • status icons for battery and wwan

    Although it is being used on a daily basis better not use it for anything productive yet.