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  • v5.4-rc8
    af42d346 · Linux 5.4-rc8 ·
    Linux 5.4-rc8
  • v5.4-rc7
    31f4f5b4 · Linux 5.4-rc7 ·
    Linux 5.4-rc7
  • imx-defconfig-5.5
    i.MX defconfig update for 5.5:
     - Enable i.MX7ULP watchdog, DA9052 touch and USB configfs support
       in imx_v6_v7_defconfig.
     - Enable newly added S32V234 SoC and its UART driver support in arm64
     - Built i.MX8QXP SCU key driver as module in arm64 defconfig.
     - Change AT803X Ethernet PHY driver from module to built-in, so that
       we can boot i.MX8MM EVK board with rootfs on NFS.
  • imx-dt64-tmu-5.5
    LX2160A TMU support for 5.5:
     - Add TMU (Thermal Monitoring Unit) device node to enable thermal
       support on LX2160A SoC.
  • imx-dt64-5.5
    i.MX arm64 device tree changes for 5.5:
     - Add the initial support for a new arm64 family SoC from NXP:
       S32V234 ("Treerunner") vision microprocessors which are targeted for
       high-performance, computationally intensive vision and sensor fusion
       applications that require automotive safety levels.
     - New board support: i.MX8MN LPDDR4 EVK, i.MX8QXP Colibri and
       S32V234 EVB.
     - A series of patch from Andrey Smirnov to improve zii-ultra support by
       fixing regulator and adding accelerometer, switch watchdog.
     - Add system counter device and enable cpuidle support for i.MX8MN.
     - Move usdhc clocks assignment from SoC to board level DTS for
       i.MX8 based boards.
     - Add PCA6416 on I2C3 bus for imx8mm-evk, and enable SCU key for
       imx8qxp-mek board.
     - Enable GPU passive throttling on i.MX8MQ SoC, and add DDR PMU device
       for i.MX8MN.
     - A series from Fabio Estevam to fix DTC W=1 warnings for LS1028A device.
     - Update the clock providers for the Mali DP500 and '#clock-cells' of
       DPCLK node for LS1028A SoC.
     - Misc small updates on various boards.
  • imx-dt-5.5
    i.MX device tree changes for 5.5:
     - New board support: Netronix E60K02 and Kobo Clara HD, Kontron N6311
       and N6411, OPOS6UL and OPOS6ULDev.
     - Correct speed grading fuse settings and add opp-suspend property for
       i.MX7D device tree.
     - Move usdhc clocks assignment from SoC to board level DTS for imx7ulp,
       and use APLL_PFD1 as usdhc's clock source on imx7ulp-evk board.
     - Add missing cooling device properties for CPUs for i.MX6/7 SoCs.
     - Add sensor GPIO regulator and assign power supplies for magnetometer
       for imx6ul-14x14-evk board.
     - Replace "simple-bus" with "simple-mfd" for ANATOP device for i.MX6/7
     - Fix DTC W=1 warnings by not using simple-audio-card,dai-link on
       imx6qdl-gw551x and imx6q-gw54xx board.
     - Move to use DRM bindings for the Seiko 43WVF1G panel on imx53-qsb.
     - A series from Frieder Schrempf to support more i.MX6UL/ULL-based SoMs
       and boards from Kontron Electronics GmbH.
     - A few patches from Michal Vokáč to enable more devices support on
       imx6dl-yapp4 board.
     - A patch series from Philippe Schenker to improve i.MX6/7 Apalis and
       Colibri board support.
     - A patch series from Sébastien Szymanski to update i.MX6 APF6/APF6Dev
       device tree with more devices added and adopting DRM bindings for
     - Random improvements, clean-up and device additions on various boards.
  • imx-bindings-5.5
    i.MX dt-bindings update for 5.5:
     - Update fsl.yaml to include DT compatibles for following devices:
       Kobo Clara HD, i.MX8MN LPDDR4 EVK, S32V234-EVB, Kontron i.MX6UL/ULL
       boards, Toradex apalis/colibri boards, Variscite and Armadeus i.MX6
  • imx-soc-5.5
    i.MX SoC update for 5.5:
     - Add arm64 Kconfig option for the NXP S32 platform.
     - Drop imx_anatop_usb_chrg_detect_disable() function which becomes
       unneeded, since all the necessary charger setup is done by the USB
       PHY driver now.
     - Add serial number support for i.MX6/7 SoCs by reading 64-bit SoC
       unique ID from OCOTP block.
     - Replace i.MX machine specific coherency exit implementation using
       the generic v7_exit_coherency_flush() function.
  • imx-drivers-5.5
    i.MX drivers update for 5.5:
     - Skip return check for those SCU firmware APIs that are defined as
       void function in firmware.
     - Use established serial_number attribute instead of custom one to show
       SoC's unique ID for i.MX8 SoC drivers.
     - Read i.MX8MQ SOC revision from TF-A which parses ROM and exposes the
       value through a SMC call. This improves the situation that SOC
       revision reports 'unknown' on some older revisions.
     - Add a check and warn on unexpected SCU RX to avoid potential stack
       corruption in imx-scu driver.
     - Fix a sparse warning in imx-scu-irq driver by adding missing header.
     - Remove an unneeded call to devm_of_platform_populate() from imx-dsp
  • imx-clk-5.5
    i.MX clock changes for 5.5:
     - Make 1443X/1416X PLL clock structure common for reusing among i.MX8
     - A couple of imx7ulp clock multiplexer option corrections.
     - Drop IMX7ULP_CLK_MIPI_PLL clock, as it's a MIPI DSI local clock and
       shouldn't be used externally.
     - Add VIDEO2_PLL clock for imx8mq which is needed by DCSS when high
       resolutions are used.
     - Add missing gate clock for pll1/2 fixed dividers on i.MX8 SoCs.
     - Register SYS_PLL1 and SYS_PLL2 as fixed clock rather than pll14xx
       type of clock.
     - Use imx_obtain_fixed_clk_hw() to simplify i.MX6/7/8 clock driver code
       a little bit.
     - One cosmetic change on clk-pll14xx code to make variables static.
  • v5.4-rc6
    a99d8080 · Linux 5.4-rc6 ·
    Linux 5.4-rc6
  • v5.4-rc5
    d6d5df1d · Linux 5.4-rc5 ·
    Linux 5.4-rc5
  • v5.4-rc4
    7d194c21 · Linux 5.4-rc4 ·
    Linux 5.4-rc4
  • v5.4-rc3
    4f5cafb5 · Linux 5.4-rc3 ·
    Linux 5.4-rc3
  • v5.4-rc2
    da0c9ea1 · Linux 5.4-rc2 ·
    Linux 5.4-rc2
  • v5.4-rc1
    54ecb8f7 · Linux 5.4-rc1 ·
    Linux 5.4-rc1
  • v5.3
    4d856f72 · Linux 5.3 ·
    Linux 5.3
  • v5.3-rc8
    f74c2bb9 · Linux 5.3-rc8 ·
    Linux 5.3-rc8
  • v5.3-rc7
    089cf7f6 · Linux 5.3-rc7 ·
    Linux 5.3-rc7
  • v5.3-rc6
    a55aa89a · Linux 5.3-rc6 ·
    Linux 5.3-rc6